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23 Mar 2011

Online Now — K1 Racers Photo Gallery, Mount Washington

The image gallery is up and running. Have a look to see if you can find yourself  in the 1400 plus images. Here is a tip for navigating through all of the images efficiently: – Click on the blue “Display Options” link (top right), where you have the option to view up to 100 thumbnails per page. I captured most racers during my two days of shooting on Friday and Sunday. My apologies if I missed anyone. Once you find […]

16 Mar 2011

Buy Japanese Prints, Profits To The Red Cross

Earthquakes, tsunamis and nuclear disaster are the news out of Japan these days. As we watch the plight of the Japanese people in quiet desperation, I wanted to highlight the beauty of this inscrutable country by displaying some new images that I took years ago. I will be making a donation to the Japanese Red Cross and if you can help, I will donate all profits from the sale of Japanese prints to the Japanese Red Cross for the next […]

14 Mar 2011

Japan's Tragedy

It is sad to witness, albeit remotely, the pain and loss due to the tragic events in Japan. My heart goes out to the survivors who have to grapple with shattered lives and total uncertainty. I have actually held off blogging for several days because it seemed odd to be talking about relatively trivial matters when such a horrible event was unfolding. As a personal note, a friend of mine, Kai, who lives in Canada, told me that his entire […]

08 Mar 2011

International Women's Day

In celebration of International Women’s Day, I put together a photo gallery of fully expressed women at the top of their form. Over the years, I have had the great fortune to meet and photograph many extraordinary women passionately pursuing their dreams. What fun it’s been. To see a sample of some of these images, check out the gallery here. I hope you enjoy the images. Gordon Ross

04 Mar 2011

Bali Temple at Night

I thought it was time to show you some of the warmer images in my collection. Lately I have been showing you a lot of snow images (it’s hard not to when we have one of the deepest snow-packs in the world on Mount Washington — and it’s still snowing). But let’s think warm for a moment… sweet tropical warmth. [photoshelter-img width=’600′ height=’420′ i_id=’I0000NG1SUWu9ceU’ buy=’1′] I took this shot recently on a trip to Bali, Indonesia, one of the world’s […]

03 Mar 2011

Snow Tip – Overexposure

Strange but true… when you take a picture in a world of white, you need to overexpose the image. This image was overexposed by one stop to get a better white. [photoshelter-img width=’600′ height=’420′ i_id=’I0000dcrf.uatks4′ buy=’1′] If you don’t over expose, the snow will turn out grey. This is because the metering system of the camera interprets the all-white landscape as being too bright so it underexposes the scene. Thus, you need to compensate by overexposing. Just another reason to […]

02 Mar 2011

After Dark Invitational, Mount Washington

Big Air, Freestyle, Kickers, DJS and more this Saturday night at Mount Washington. I’ll be there shooting it. Hope you can come along and enjoy this North Face sponsored event. Click here for more information. It’s gonna be fun. Gordon

23 Feb 2011

The Snow is Falling…

And that means lots of powder is accumulating up top. Time for some more powder photography tomorrow. Check out some of the fun in the latest Feature Gallery

05 Jan 2011

New Site Is Launched… And The Response Has Been Amazing

Thanks for taking the time to check out the site. Oh, and tell a friend, or several friends! New material is being added daily, so be sure to check back often. Bye for now. Gordon

08 Sep 2010

Rainbow Over TinTown

Rainbows, like sunsets, can be cliche for a photographer, but when they happen right over your house, they still make me stand back in awe.