I’m a photographer whose had the great fortune to travel and photograph amazing people, places and wildlife. I am deeply interested in culture, nature and sustainability.

Together with my passion for photography, travel and nature, I love the written word. This website is my attempt to bring all these passions together.

I have a blog (Stories) where I write about all kinds of subject matter in companionship with my photographs. Comments are open so jump in. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Really. As a photographer and writer, I have always been interested in perception and how unique it is to each one of us.

Galleries are another place to check out for an eclectic mix of imagery that might surprise you. And throughout the site and in the Prints area specifically, you will find images for sale as prints.

For something completely different, check out my ongoing portraiture project at tattooplusyou.com

Gordon Ross

“The artistry of Gordon’s work is that his photographs illustrate truths about his subject matter that wouldn’t otherwise be seen.”

– Mac Newton, The Asana Room