Dangerous Jobs

Church, Mandalay, Burma Diptych

Changing the lights on a cross in Mandalay, Burma. 

I took this picture while leading a tour years ago in Burma. When I look at this image, I wonder what conversations brought them to do this risky job. 

What would lead these 2 to risk their lives to change the lights on a cross high above the ground, on an old structure, without safety gear, in bare feet?

Was it the priest that asked them to do it? Was it a belief that they might be protected by God, or that they might curry favour with God by changing the light, and ultimately be saved? 

Or was it more mundane? Just a job that needed to be done and these were the available guys? In countries, where they have poor safety standards, dangerous jobs are undertaken regularly. When someone dies doing a job like this in a poor country, they rarely make the news. 

We stayed for a while, but it was kind of unbearable to watch them moving around up there. We couldn’t watch any longer so we left. I hope they made it down. 

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