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19 Jul 2019

Unique Opportunity


Income Earner

Residence Up Top / 3 Commercial Spaces Down

Unique & versatile, one-of-a-kind building in TinTown

This character building has to be seen to be truly appreciated. Rooms are spacious, well laid out, and feel welcoming. The neighborhood is truly unique, with a diverse and eclectic mix of businesses and residents that bring a wide variety of locals here to do business, take classes, and visit friends.

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Building Exterior

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• Modern residential, open-concept unit upstairs with private deck and 2 entrances. Features 10 ft. ceilings. Total square feet up: 1365 sq. ft. + 330 sq. ft. deck

• 3 unique commercial units downstairs. All spaces are in great shape and have 11 ft. ceilings. Vaulted ceiling in front commercial unit. Total square feet down: 2475 sq. ft.

• Use it to generate income up and down

• Live upstairs and rent the downstairs to commercial tenants or put your own business in 1 or all 3 of the commercial units downstairs

Convert the downstairs to residential and cut your taxes in half

• Or convert the top to commercial up and run the entire building as a commercial venture

Separate-strata top and bottom and sell separately

Zoning is MU-4. This flexible zoning gives you a lot of business options

• Lot size: .22 acres

6 Parking Spaces

Freehold — no strata issues to deal with

• Building is well-maintained & in great shape

• Unique design. One-of-a-kind in the Comox Valley

• Landscaped with easy to maintain yard and plants

• Custom stone-work at the rear of the building

• Covered work spaces out back with 2 work benches

• Great storage spaces inside and outside

• In the desirable neighbourhood of TinTown in Courtenay

Centrally located in the Comox Valley. Easy access to and from Cumberland, Courtenay and Comox with this amaz- ing location

5 mins by bike to the ocean estuary and Airpark

Call Gordon Ross, 250.702.4114

29 Oct 2018
Fall Photography

Fall photography

Exquisite Endings 

The autumn is one of my favourite times to walk and work with my camera. As nature prepares for its big sleep and the sounds of the forest quieten, the views are exquisite. Fall photography is filled with endings but rather than depressing, I’m inspired to know that the trees and the plants will endure and then in the spring they will burst forth again. The cycles of nature are filled with the spectacular. 

I’ve been a Canon shooter since I went digital back in the day, but over the last few years, I’ve been dabbling in the mirrorless world. Recently, I entered the Fujifilm world with an XT-20 and several lenses including an 23 mm f2, one of Fujifilms Holy Trinity set. I love the image quality and the f2 gives a lovely bokeh as you can see in these two shots. Both were shot at f2. 

The Dream of Fall

Canon’s image and colour quality is superb as well but what I love about the Fuji’s XT-20 and this particular lens is its compactness and lightness. After shooting for decades, this system really put the love back into photography again. And for this I am so grateful. It’s just so easy to put this combo in a small shoulder-bag and go. I stopped doing this with my Canon gear due to its size and weight. 

There are some pretty cool things happening in the camera world these days and Fujifilm is one of the innovative camera companies that is leading the charge. 

Check out my Instagram account to see more shots taken with the Fujifilm system. 

Bye for now. 

Gordon Ross 

25 Oct 2018
Artwork Photography Workshop, Blue Parrot, Gillian Brooks

Photography Workshop for Artists

2 Photography Workshops For Artists.

For Print and Web.

I’m offering 2 art photography workshops on Nov 17 and Nov 24 for artists who need to take better images of their work for print and web publishing. The first workshop on Nov 17 is on photographing 2-D artwork for making prints for commercial sale. Topics covered: staging your artwork, lighting, image capture, intro to editing in Adobe Lightroom and print publishing of 2-D artwork.

The second photography workshop on Nov 24 This is on photographing 3-D objects for the web. Topics covered: staging your product, lighting, image capture, intro to editing in Adobe Lightroom and web publishing of 3-D objects.

This form of photography is an interesting blend of art and science. My aim is to develop your problem-solving abilities so that you can photograph your own art quickly and reliably. The morning of the workshops is more idea based; the afternoon, hands-on and about image post-processing.  

You can book online or call me to reserve a space. 

2 Photography Workshops or by contacting me here. 

Gordon Ross 

03 Aug 2017



I love ice. And the way my dualistic brain works, I immediately think of its opposite. Do any of you think like that? I seem hardwired that way.

So, really, today I started thinking about ice by first thinking about heat waves. I live in BC, Canada and we are in the midst of a heat wave that breaks 100-year-old records and forest fires are burning intensely in the interior. So, uh huh, the planet is definitely warming. And, it’s warming at different rates in different locations. In Antarctica, there is a region on the Antarctic Peninsula which has warmed the most on the planet near the Verdansky (formerly Faraday) Station. A lot pictures in this slideshow are from the Antarctica Peninsula and most of the ice in these photos is long gone.

Close to my home, the ice is also melting. Our namesake Glacier, the Comox Valley Glacier is receding at a rapid pace. Some estimates say the glacier will have wasted away in the next 25 years. The first image in this slideshow is from the Comox Glacier. The last 3 images are from Iceland. The remainder of the images are from Antarctica.

[photoshelter-gallery g_id=”G0000bfEoMkJGRqU” g_name=”Ice” width=”600″ f_fullscreen=”t” bgtrans=”t” pho_credit=”iptc” twoup=”f” f_bbar=”t” f_bbarbig=”f” fsvis=”f” f_show_caption=”t” crop=”f” f_enable_embed_btn=”t” f_htmllinks=”t” f_l=”t” f_send_to_friend_btn=”f” f_show_slidenum=”t” f_topbar=”f” f_show_watermark=”t” img_title=”casc” linkdest=”c” trans=”xfade” target=”_self” tbs=”5000″ f_link=”t” f_smooth=”f” f_mtrx=”t” f_ap=”t” f_up=”f” height=”400″ btype=”old” bcolor=”#CCCCCC” ]

I always thought that we should have some sort of digital graphic showing us/reminding us right downtown in Courtenay in the Comox Valley that the ice in our glacier is disappearing quickly by earth-standards. It just seems slow by human standards. There’s a good article on the Comox Glacier in the Smithsonian which looks at time and how we think of time and climate change.

So, things to do to slow climate change? Well, you probably know a heap of them so I won’t go into that here. Just don’t fall for the naysayers that say “it ain’t happening”—they usually have a financial agenda attached to their “idea”. But I love ice and it’s worth just looking at it to see how creative and staggeringly beautiful wild nature is.

So, here’s to keeping cool with some frosty pics.

Bye for now.


24 Jul 2017

Vancouver Island Music Fest 2017

Vancouver Island Music Fest 2017

Another successful Vancouver Island Music Fest (VIMF) has come and gone. With its quick passing it seems almost dream-like as in “Did that really happen and it’s over already…again?” Well, it is only a weekend but it did seem to move faster than normal to me.

There are a lot of music festivals out there so it’s no small feat for a festival to survive let alone thrive. People only have so much money and time but the Vancouver Island Music Fest sold out again this year, proving that it’s found an enduring recipe of music and fun for all ages. The Vancouver Island Music Fest  is a family-oriented festival of music and fun events surrounded by a forest and a lazy river where you can cool off during the heat of the day. After a refreshing dip in nature’s pool, you can head back to one of 6 stages: some are full-sun, others are shaded and one is in a huge horse barn. It’s really a perfect mix of stages. And then there’s the food. There’s pretty much everything from those lovely little sugary omg donuts to super healthy and delicious Buddha Bowls. There’s a snack or a meal for everyone.

The Artistic Director/Executive Producer of the festival, Doug Cox, continues to deliver an eclectic mix of music year after year. The headliners this year were Emmylou Harris , Rita Coolidge, Bruce Cockburn, Barenaked Ladies and Enter the Haggis. And if they’re not your cup of musical tea, there was still plenty to choose from. Truthfully, from my not-so-tender-years perspective, I had actually seen all the headliners before. And, yes, it’s good to catch em again but it’s the bands that I haven’t seen, or haven’t heard of that usually blow the dust out of my ears. It’s also the mash-up workshops where you might have in excess of 20 performers all on the same stage. For me, those are oftentimes the most memorable times at Vancouver Island Music Fest.

So, it’s come and gone but the memories and a few photos remain.

Enjoy the gallery!

Gordon Ross


14 Jun 2016

Gartley Beach, Comox Valley, Vancouver Island


Gartley Beach, Comox Valley, Vancouver Island

As you can probably tell, sunsets on Vancouver Island are amazing even if they are behind the trees like they are here at Gartley Beach. Oddly, this beach is not visited as much as one would think. Maybe it’s because there are so many amazing beaches on Vancouver Island. But Gartley is amazing. I took this shot at low tide looking back toward Vancouver Island. The Georgia Strait is behind me. When the tide is out you can walk out a long way to find clams and oysters. Amazing.


04 Mar 2015
Yoga on Villarica Volcanoe, Chile

Chile Travel Photography

Chile Travel Photography — From the Atacama Desert to Torres del Paine in Patagonia.

Chile is a long, thin country that borders Peru and Bolivia in the north and Argentina in the south. The Andes is one of its most prominent features running the full length of the country from north to south. Its long north-south axis makes for a diverse landscape. In the north, you have the driest desert on earth, the Atacama; in the middle you have a temperate climate famous for its wine-growing regions; and in the south you have the windswept majesty of Patagonia with the famed park of Torres del Paine.

Throughout the country you will find volcanoes, lakes, fjords and powerful rivers that sweep down from the Andean highlands. And way out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, you find Easter Island, Chile’s Polynesian claim. I’ve heard Easter Island described as the most remote, permanently inhabited place on earth. It’s a spooky place especially if you spend time alone with the Moai (the heads). You will find a few images of Easter Island toward the end of the slideshow.

Thanks for dropping by.

Gordon Ross

02 Mar 2015

Argentina Travel Photos

Argentina Travel Images

From exotic Iguazu Waterfalls to the windy wilds of Patagonia and arid wine regions nestled up against the Andes Mountains, Argentina is a travel treasure. I have travelled throughout Argentina from the world’s southern most city of Ushuaia to the desert landscapes of the south. In these Argentina Travel photos, you will see images from the nation’s capital of Buenos Aires, the Andes Mountains, the wine regions, hacienda architecture, high mountain passes, the salt cutters of the salt flats, the llamas cousin, the vicunya, and shots from a chilli pepper harvest.

I hope you enjoy the Argentina Travel Images.

Bye for now.

Gordon Ross


20 Feb 2015
adult portrait

Better Portraits Photo Workshop

Join Ron Pogue and I for a full-day photography workshop on Taking Better Portraits.

We’ll start with natural light in the morning and move on to artificial light in the afternoon.

You can view full details of the event by clicking here.

Professional Studio Portrait Photography, Photography Workshop

Taking Better Portraits

It should be a fun and informative day and we have designed the flow of the photo workshop with as much shooting time as possible. The idea is to learn some key concepts and then practice, practice, practice. We will have the services of a lovely model for the day’s shooting.

We hope to see you there.

Bye for now.

Gordon Ross

26 Jan 2015

Slash’s New Acoustic Guitar—Comox Valley Commercial Photographer


Slash’s New Acoustic Guitar—Comox Valley Commercial Photographer

As a commercial photographer, sometimes I get to photograph the most amazing objects, oftentimes amazing works of art. Reuben Forsland of Joi Guitars just completed a stunning acoustic masterpiece for the “Grammy winning, rock and roll hall-of-famer, SLASH, of Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver fame”. I think you will understand why Slash chose Reuben to build his guitar. In this 16-image series of “the guitar”, Ive tried to capture the allure of this beautiful work-of-art. The attention to detail is remarkable and the final product literally glows.

Bye for now.

Gordon Ross