A wildlife gallery of images from around the world

I have taken photographs since I was a boy and I have explored a number of photographic subjects along the way. Wildlife photography is a genre that stayed with me and matured with me as I grew older. To see a wild creature fully inhabit its wild space with its raw natural energy is powerful and captivating. To capture it photographically is my icing on the cake.

From Antarctica to the Serengeti, our planet has an amazing variety of landscapes and climates. It can be a challenge to work in such extreme environments but there is always a way if there is the will. I am creating a number of downloadable cheatsheets for anyone keen to learn more about how to work in extreme environments. I’ve figured a few things out along the way.

Wildlife photography excites me due to its dynamic nature. There is also the added excitement of travelling to and through wild spaces. That alone is reason enough to be out there. Indeed, oftentimes the animals don’t show up anyway. Landscape photography anyone?

This wildlife gallery is first and foremost a celebration of the wild things that we share the planet with. Some of these images are for sale as prints as well.