Burning Man

Burning Man 2011

It was my first Burn and as such, I was affectionately known as a Virgin Burner.

I had heard about this festival for years and was always curious. Simply put, it transcended everything that I had imagined it would be. This festival is the poster-child of the Counter Culture Revolution. On the Black Rock Desert, commonly referred to as The Playa, the world’s largest participatory festival unfolds with a density of over 50,000 Burners.

It is intense. It is beautiful. The people are amazing. There are no advertisements and cash is useless during the event — you get to trade your cool stuff. And you get to dress up or down depending on our preference.

I came away from this event dusty and parched, but I was left with the indelible feeling that anything is possible if you put enough creatives in one place for an extended period of time. The minds that gather for Burning Man are simply brilliant. The art will leave you breathless.

I attended for five days, slept about six hours a night, rode my bike all over and still only managed to catch about five per cent of what went down. It’s phenomenally large. You can check out the official Burning Man website here

As a professional photographer, I was obliged to register with the folks at Burning Man’s Media Mecca. All images have been screened by Burning Man for Editorial Release on my website. I hope you enjoy them.

Some of the images have captions.

Gordon Ross