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26 Sep 2021


The sees of yoga was planted in my life back in the 90s. Like most disciplines, you keep growing and learning as you practice. Yoga is like this to me. When I would practice with a new teacher, or a new style, I would often come away thinking, wow, this is yoga. That happened over and over again, humbling me with each new yoga chapter I found myself in. Originally, I practiced Ashtanga yoga as promoted by Patabi Jois. This […]

24 Sep 2021

The Mossi King’s Yellow Shoes, Burkina Faso

Dig the Mossi King’s yellow shoes—what a hipster. The King himself is a pretty important fellow—he has over 6 million subjects. I shot some portraits of him as well; it was the obligatory thing to do. But what really intrigued me were the attendants who sat at his feet.  Every time the king would say something, the three minions (the other two are sitting next to the man wearing purple) would snap their fingers like exclamation marks at the end of […]

12 Sep 2019
Portrait, Tibetan Bon LamaGeshe YongDong

Geshe YongDong, Portrait of a Tibetan Lama

Portrait of a Tibetan Lama, Geshe YongDong Geshe YongDong is the spiritual director and main teacher of Sherab Chamma Ling, a Tibetan Bon Buddhist Centre located in the Comox Valley. I took this portrait for CV Collective magazine.  There are 5 lineages in Tibetan Buddhism, Bon being one of them. Bon is the oldest of all the spiritual traditions in Tibet; Bon, a shamanic spiritual tradition, was the main spiritual tradition of Tibet before the arrival of Indian Buddhism in Tibet. […]

16 Apr 2013
Sri Lanka

An Engagement Photo, Sri Lanka

Portrait at the Botanical Gardens in Kandy As I wandered through the green expanse of Kandy’s Botanical Garden, I came across this lovely couple out for a shoot with their hired Sri Lankan wedding photographer. I asked if I could take their picture. They obliged and everyone, including their photographer, seemed happy with the request; their photographer took a picture of me taking a picture of them. My guess is that I am now in their wedding album. The observer […]