Falling Inward


Autumn nature meditations

The autumn is one of my favourite times to walk and meditate with my camera. As nature prepares for its big sleep and the sounds of the forest quieten, the scenes can be exquisite. Fall photography is filled with endings but rather than depressing, I’m inspired to know that this part of a cycle and that the trees and the plants will endure and burst forth again. The cycles of nature are sublime. 

Fall Dreams
Fall Leaves-1

I’ve been a Canon shooter since I went digital, but over the last few years, I’ve been working in the mirrorless world of Fujifilm. Recently, I purchased an XT-20 and several lenses including the Fujinon 23 mm f2. I love Fuji’s colours and the f2 gives a dreamy bokeh. Both were shot at f2. 

Canon’s image and colour quality are superb as well but what I love about the Fuji’s system is its compactness and lightness. After shooting for decades and carrying heavy gear everywhere, this system really put the love back into photography again. And for this I am so grateful. It’s just so easy to put this combo in a small shoulder-bag and go. I stopped doing this with my Canon gear due to its size and weight. 

There are some pretty cool things happening in the camera world these days and Fujifilm is one of the innovative camera companies that is leading the charge. 

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