Portrait Genres For All

Portrait Genres

Portraiture has been one of my principal genres at my home base on Vancouver Island. It’s also one of my principal genres abroad. Portraiture is a dynamic interplay between the photographer and the subject. I love it because I get to meet and get to know so many amazing people. I feel blessed with all who have entrusted with me this deeply personal task.

What kind of portraits do I shoot?

My portraits fit into the categories of traditional/formal, environmental, lifestyle, glamour, conceptual and corporate headshots.



A style with an emphasis on the face, expression and mood.

Professional Portrait


An environmental portrait is about the context of the person in an important or relevant place for them such as their work, their studio or some sort of activity such as their sport of hobby.



This style capture people in a space and activity that they identify with their lifestyle.

Portrait Alt


A glamour portrait is all about the glam: clothing, hair and makeup.

Conceptual Portrait


A genre that resonates with an idea. It is about conveying a message through portrait imagery.

Commercial Portrait

Corporate / Commercial

The corporate headshot is about the upper body and face and is usually shot against a monochrome background with even lighting across the face.

How the Process Works

First we set a time and a place for the shoot. This could be in the studio or it could be on location in nature or at another location of your choosing. Then, the images from our shoot are put into a private gallery for your review. From there, I edit the images of you select and I deliver the photos to you as prints, as electronic files, or both.