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15 Dec 2019
Jared, Tattoo + You, A Photo Story of Body Ink

Sharing Tattoo Stories, Jared

Check out a larger image of Jared and the growing gallery of tattoo portraits and their stories.  Sharing tattoo stories: Jared. In Jared’s words: “The art held by my skin is in the traditional Japanese style of Irezumi but with a contemporary touch. Overall, like the dualities of In & Yo (Japanese Yin & Yang), my two sleeves and chest panels are balanced with a more feminine, spring, or In energy, expressed by tanchōzuru (red-crowned cranes) and sakura (cherry blossoms) […]

04 Nov 2019
Kymme shares her story in Tattoo + You, A Photo Story of Body Ink

Kymme shares her story of why she got a tattoo

Kymme shares her story of why she got a tattoo in Tattoo + You, A Photo Story of Body Ink.  In her words:  They say that every tattoo has a story; here’s mine. I never thought I would ever get a tattoo. I thought it would be a hindrance to being a performer playing different roles.  I was diagnosed with oral cancer at the base of the tongue and my whole world turned upside down. This would be devastating to […]

20 Sep 2019

Tattoo Plus You, A Photo Story of Body Ink

Tattoo Plus You, A Photo Story of Body Ink is a photographic project that explores tattoos and why people get them. I am passionate about photographing people and art, so the chance to photograph two of my favourite inspirations was irresistible. But that’s only the half of it. The other half is that I found a lot of tattoo photography to be overly sensational and despite seeing some great art, I rarely got the story about the person.  Tattoo Plus […]

25 May 2012

Tattoo + You Feature Gallery – Comox Valley Portrait Photographer

The three-day photo exhibit and book launch was a huge success. Thank you to the hundreds of people who checked out the exhibit last month. We were blown away by the community support, and thrilled to see so many of the amazing participants in attendance. The full set of images from the project can be found here. A smaller selection of images on our Facebook page here. You can find copies of the book for sale here. Bye for now. […]

27 Apr 2012

Tattoo + You Photo Exhibit Opening and Book Launch – Comox Valley Portrait Photographer

The final countdown has begun! Please join us today from 6pm – 10pm for the Tattoo + You photo exhibit opening and book launch. This three-day event is happening in Tin Town at my studio. If you can make it to the opening, there will be fire spinning by Luxotica and music by djprime and Des Larson Music. Be sure to bring something to keep you warm – the entertainment is outside! You can find more information on the project […]

30 Jan 2012

The Art of Tattooing – Comox Valley Photographer

Janel Lessard gets a tattoo from Lawson Metail at Art and Soul in Courtenay, BC. It’s a special person who can do art on the medium of skin. The concentration required is intense especially because the medium moves — it’s not static like a canvas. And it’s living. Although Janel’s tattoos look amazing in colour, the contrast of black and white captures the intensity of the ink going into her skin the way a colour photograph simply can’t. Janel and […]

26 Jan 2012

Savannah Eanes – Comox Valley Portrait Photographer

Sweet Savannah. I love this shot. For me, it’s Savannah’s expression that nails it. Then there’s the sweet blend of earth-tones. But you keep coming back to those eyes… The tattoos… The head angle… The hair and the way she holds her arms… The geometry of the negative spaces her arms make… The nose-ring and the way the light hits her funky earring… The whole is greater than the sum of its parts — gestalt. Yes, that’s it. Kind of. […]

17 Jan 2012

Hans Peter Meyer – Vancouver Island Portrait Photographer

Hans Peter Meyer is one of the many individuals who took part in my Tattoo + You photo project. This is an image from our session back in November. We are feverishly putting the exhibit and the book together. The date of the opening will be announced shortly – we have a few details to tweak before laying it all out. It’s been an awesome experience photographing such interesting people. Stay tuned. Gordon  

01 Nov 2011

Steve Masson, Tattoo + You – Comox Valley Photographer

To take part in Tattoo + You: A Photo Story of Body Ink, Steve joined me in the studio back in the hotter days of summer. Steve has a powerful story, and the photos to his left and right are a big part of it. You can learn more about Steve’s journey in the upcoming 2012 exhibit. Exact dates will be released shortly. Tattoo + You photo sessions have ended. A big thank you to everyone who has participated. It’s […]

26 Oct 2011

Savannah Eanes, Tattoo + You – Comox Valley Photographer

Savannah came into the studio to take part in the Tattoo + You: A Photo Story of Body Ink project. Lovely. According to Savannah, 98 % of her tattoos were done by Cody Walsh of Tattoo Zoo in Victoria, BC. Savannah’s hair courtesy of stylist Liz Tourtidis and makeup by Crystal-Lee Young, both of Roots the Salon in Courtenay. We’re almost finished shooting and now the work of organizing it all begins in earnest. To learn more about Tattoo + […]