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04 May 2011

Sneak Peek At Current Exhibit – Comox Valley Photographer

Beginning this Friday (May 6 @ 7pm), I am exhibiting ten images as part of the Mayworks – Festival of Working People and the Arts. The exhibit runs weekends throughout the month of May at my studio in Tin Town. Details can be found here and here. Martha Jablonski-Jones and Bonnie Laird will be joining me, and we hope to see you at the studio. Come join us at the opening and enjoy art, snacks and drinks. More details on […]

19 Apr 2011

A Portrait Of Oscar, The Magnificent Wiener Dog

It was supposed to be a family portrait … But then Oscar, the Magnificent Wiener Dog, stuck his nose in and now it’s all about him. Spontaneity always finds its way into the studio — that’s why I love shooting there so much. It’s creative and playful. I’m spending a lot of time in the studio these days. So if you’ve ever thought about getting a portrait of your family or yourself, now might be the time to do it. […]

12 Apr 2011

Got A Tattoo? Gordon Ross Photography Is Looking For You

I have an exhibit and a book in the works and want to include you. For the next three months, I’m calling on anyone who has a tattoo to take part in Tattoo + You: A Photo Story of Body Ink. The exhibit opening and book launch will take place this coming fall. The event is about telling peoples’ stories through a series of tattoo portraits and words. More details about the event will be announced over the next few months. […]

28 Mar 2011

New Feature Gallery — Balinese Dance Troupe

In November 2010, I photographed a series of Barong dancers and musicians in Bali. You can find a collection of these images in the feature gallery, located on my homepage. Like many traditional dances, this one tells a story of good and evil. Good prevails. Like their wardrobe and makeup, the dance is a sublime display of intricate elements. From their feet and hands to their head positions and eye movements, Balinese dances are captivating. A Balinese orchestra, with Gamelans […]

01 Mar 2011

Balinese Dancer

One of the remarkable faces of Bali. This young woman was dancing at a temple in Bali just before the sun went down. The dance, like her makeup,  is complex and sublime. I hope you like the image. More dancers to come in the following weeks. Stay tuned. Bye for now. Gordon