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26 Jul 2011

Hornby On The Rocks – Vancouver Island Photographer

If you’ve ever visited any of BC’s Gulf Islands, you may have seen rock formations like these… Hornby is one of my favourite Gulf Islands. I can spend hours wandering along its moody coastline at low tide. Pretty much the ideal island with its art galleries, wineries and a meadery. Yes, mead (honey wine). And it’s all doable by bicycle. I hope you like the image. Bye for now. Gordon Ross

21 Jun 2011

Bali Breakwater — Comox Valley Photographer

I took this shot just as the sun was starting to set. As the ocean waves rolled in, large waves would explode upward when they hit the breakwater. These water jets were almost 20 feet high and they would rocket upwards with the sound of a deep whoomf followed by the spray falling onto the breakwater like heavy rain. The moment was extremely dynamic. I hope you catch a sense of the action. Bye for now. Gordon Ross

16 Feb 2011

Snow in the Beaufort Range, Vancouver Island

I took this shot the morning of January 22, 2011 just as the weather over the range was starting to change. For me, this photo is all about shapes and tones. The graphic banding in the clouds, the profile of the mountains and the pillows of snow are sublimely highlighted in black and white. If you are keen to purchase this image, I recommend ordering a larger format print (16×20 or larger) so that you can see the details of the […]