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25 Sep 2012

Portrait of Des Larson — Vancouver Island Photographer

A portrait of Comox Valley musician, Des Larson. I took this portrait just before he went on stage in Vancouver. Des and I are currently collaborating on a new project that features world-images and original music. We’ll have something fascinating for you to view soon. You can find out more about Des and his music here and here. Bye for now. Gordon

30 Jan 2012

The Art of Tattooing – Comox Valley Photographer

Janel Lessard gets a tattoo from Lawson Metail at Art and Soul in Courtenay, BC. It’s a special person who can do art on the medium of skin. The concentration required is intense especially because the medium moves — it’s not static like a canvas. And it’s living. Although Janel’s tattoos look amazing in colour, the contrast of black and white captures the intensity of the ink going into her skin the way a colour photograph simply can’t. Janel and […]

15 Sep 2011

A Summer of Weddings, Byron & Alana Green — Comox Valley Photographer

This summer I had the honor to document several beautiful nuptial celebrations. This is an image of the lovely bride as she walked the grounds of The Filberg in Comox, BC. I typically shoot weddings using a photojournalism style. And as I did with Byron and Alanas’ wedding, I often set up a photo booth so everyone joins in the fun. We definitely have fun. If you’d like to find out more about our wedding packages, we’d love to hear […]

26 Jul 2011

Hornby On The Rocks – Vancouver Island Photographer

If you’ve ever visited any of BC’s Gulf Islands, you may have seen rock formations like these… Hornby is one of my favourite Gulf Islands. I can spend hours wandering along its moody coastline at low tide. Pretty much the ideal island with its art galleries, wineries and a meadery. Yes, mead (honey wine). And it’s all doable by bicycle. I hope you like the image. Bye for now. Gordon Ross

01 Jun 2011

Puntledge River Paddlefest 2011 – Comox Valley Photographer

Once per year, BC Hydro increases river flows to the Puntledge River for recreational use. On May 28 & 29, it was a whitewater haven for paddlers attending the Puntledge River Paddlefest. You can find the online gallery for the event here. The water conditions were definitely not for the faint of heart. Enjoy. Gordon Ross

27 May 2011

Kaya Lila, Aerial Artist — Comox Valley Photographer

Kaya Lila, an aerialist from the Comox Valley, shows off her form as she performs with her silks. As a photographer, I’ve had the great honor to meet and connect with many amazing people who are at the peak of their art. This is a shot from a series of images that Kaya and I worked on together. I was awed by how easy she made it look even though the strength required was substantial. To go up and down […]

29 Mar 2011

Zebras At The Waterhole

In the Serengeti, Tanzania, I had the opportunity to watch a herd of zebras at a waterhole. With predators on land (lions and leopards) and in the water (crocodiles), zebras are a nervous bunch and are constantly on the move. There is safety in numbers so the zebras move together, sometimes as if they were choreographed.  As they darted back and forth from the waterhole, I sat there with a long lens and shot away. During the dry season, you […]

16 Feb 2011

Snow in the Beaufort Range, Vancouver Island

I took this shot the morning of January 22, 2011 just as the weather over the range was starting to change. For me, this photo is all about shapes and tones. The graphic banding in the clouds, the profile of the mountains and the pillows of snow are sublimely highlighted in black and white. If you are keen to purchase this image, I recommend ordering a larger format print (16×20 or larger) so that you can see the details of the […]

10 Jan 2011

Fine Art Collection Of Images

I recently added a Fine Art collection to the site that includes both color and black and white images. The galleries include a variety of images that make excellent large scale prints. If you like what you see, all images are available in a number of sizes, including canvas. You can also share your favorites via Facebook or Twitter with the social media function found at the top of each image. Enjoy. Gordon Ross

05 Jan 2011

Shiny New Website Open For Business

The website is now open for business! There is so much to share, that I’m not sure where to begin. There are 49 photo galleries that can be accessed here. You can buy prints and download files. You can bookmark and share your favorite images. You can search for photos, check out my services and keep up with what’s going on in the studio. It’s definitely worth the time to poke around the galleries and check back regularly – because new images are frequently being […]