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21 Jun 2011

Bali Breakwater — Comox Valley Photographer

I took this shot just as the sun was starting to set. As the ocean waves rolled in, large waves would explode upward when they hit the breakwater. These water jets were almost 20 feet high and they would rocket upwards with the sound of a deep whoomf followed by the spray falling onto the breakwater like heavy rain. The moment was extremely dynamic. I hope you catch a sense of the action. Bye for now. Gordon Ross

12 May 2011

World Portrait Feature Gallery – Comox Valley Photographer

Check out a new collection of world portraits in the feature gallery. If I had to choose one subject matter to shoot, it would be people. And portraits — whether candid or formal — can be light and fun, or intense and revealing. I chose a random collection of images for the slideshow. The portraits are from all over the world — Argentina, Bali, Burkina Faso, Burma, Mexico and Mongolia. To view the images in slideshow format, click here. I hope you […]

05 Apr 2011

Balinese Fishermen Return From The Night At Sea

After a night fishing in the Bali Strait, the Balinese fishermen pull their fishing boats ashore and unload their catch. If you sit on a Balinese beach in the morning, you can watch the fishing boats, known as jukung, sail ashore. Upon arrival, families and friends haul the boats out of the water and unload the night’s catch. Although the catch was small on the day I visited, they seemed happy and were eager to show me their boats and their […]

28 Mar 2011

New Feature Gallery — Balinese Dance Troupe

In November 2010, I photographed a series of Barong dancers and musicians in Bali. You can find a collection of these images in the feature gallery, located on my homepage. Like many traditional dances, this one tells a story of good and evil. Good prevails. Like their wardrobe and makeup, the dance is a sublime display of intricate elements. From their feet and hands to their head positions and eye movements, Balinese dances are captivating. A Balinese orchestra, with Gamelans […]

17 Mar 2011

Balinese Fisherman

In the pitch black of 3 am, I headed offshore with a fisherman named Anom. We went straight out into the Pacific for two hours to put his nets down in the dark. It’s important that this is done before daylight so that the fish don’t see the nets. Just after sunrise, he hauled up his nets to bring in the day’s catch. He caught a few things that day, mostly mackerel, but barely enough to pay for his fuel. […]

04 Mar 2011

Bali Temple at Night

I thought it was time to show you some of the warmer images in my collection. Lately I have been showing you a lot of snow images (it’s hard not to when we have one of the deepest snow-packs in the world on Mount Washington — and it’s still snowing). But let’s think warm for a moment… sweet tropical warmth. [photoshelter-img width=’600′ height=’420′ i_id=’I0000NG1SUWu9ceU’ buy=’1′] I took this shot recently on a trip to Bali, Indonesia, one of the world’s […]

01 Mar 2011

Balinese Dancer

One of the remarkable faces of Bali. This young woman was dancing at a temple in Bali just before the sun went down. The dance, like her makeup,  is complex and sublime. I hope you like the image. More dancers to come in the following weeks. Stay tuned. Bye for now. Gordon