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15 Apr 2013

Yoga with Crampons on Villarica Volcano, Andes, Chile

Yes, you can do yoga anywhere, even on an active volcano. And with crampons, too. After a 4-hour climb to the top of Villarica Volcano in the Lake District of Chile, a little stretch is exactly what we needed. In the photo, you can see another stratovolcano off in the distance which is similar in shape to Villarica, the one we’re standing on. You can also see smoke (which is mostly water vapour and leached minerals) coming up from the […]

28 Jan 2012

K1 Race, Mount Washington – Vancouver Island Sports Photographer

Speed and control as she rips down the mountain. I love high-speed photography. It’s fun to stop the world and study it. Shot at over 1/4000 th of a second, we step into the matrix. I love the skis and the snow, and then there are the reflections in her goggles… If you were connected with the race that took place January 15, you can find the gallery here. The gallery is password protected. You will be receiving the password […]

17 Jan 2012

Image Used In TransWorld Snowboarding – Comox Valley Photographer

Vancouver Island based snowboard company, Forbidden Snowboards, was launched last year. TransWorld Snowboarding covered the launch and included one of my photographs in the story. Sweet. You can check out the story and my image here.  

01 Jun 2011

Puntledge River Paddlefest 2011 – Comox Valley Photographer

Once per year, BC Hydro increases river flows to the Puntledge River for recreational use. On May 28 & 29, it was a whitewater haven for paddlers attending the Puntledge River Paddlefest. You can find the online gallery for the event here. The water conditions were definitely not for the faint of heart. Enjoy. Gordon Ross

29 Mar 2011

Zebras At The Waterhole

In the Serengeti, Tanzania, I had the opportunity to watch a herd of zebras at a waterhole. With predators on land (lions and leopards) and in the water (crocodiles), zebras are a nervous bunch and are constantly on the move. There is safety in numbers so the zebras move together, sometimes as if they were choreographed.  As they darted back and forth from the waterhole, I sat there with a long lens and shot away. During the dry season, you […]

10 Mar 2011

After Dark Invitational

The event went off last Saturday night under snowy conditions. But then again, that has been the big story of Mount Washington this year — snow, snow and still more snow. The mid-mountain snow base at time of writing is 595 cm. Wow. Click here for gallery images. Falling snow can make flash photography tricky, but overall the camera captured some sweet acrobatics in the air. Dramatic would best describe this event, as these guys (and one woman competitor) book […]

09 Mar 2011

Balinese Motorcycles

In Bali, the motorcycle is the preferred mode of transport. Unlike in the West, where motorcycles are in the minority compared to cars, it is the exact inverse in Bali. City motorcycle traffic verges somewhere between 80 and 90 percent of the traffic volume. Watching them go by is like watching some crazy dance of machines as they weave to and fro. Many riders do not wear helmets and even if they do, oftentimes they aren’t done up. You will also […]

08 Mar 2011

International Women's Day

In celebration of International Women’s Day, I put together a photo gallery of fully expressed women at the top of their form. Over the years, I have had the great fortune to meet and photograph many extraordinary women passionately pursuing their dreams. What fun it’s been. To see a sample of some of these images, check out the gallery here. I hope you enjoy the images. Gordon Ross

20 Jan 2011

Big Snow

With an awesome powder dump on Mount Washington, a group of talented riders and yours truly hit the steep slopes under cobalt blue skies. We did some dreamy glade runs, some kickers and dropped some mid-size cliffs. The series of images ends with Olaf Larsen throwing down some big air over the old copper mine on the backside of Mount Washington. There were some stellar moments. I hope you agree. You can connect to the gallery here. Bye for now. […]