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29 Oct 2018
Fall Photography

Fall photography

Exquisite Endings 

The autumn is one of my favourite times to walk and work with my camera. As nature prepares for its big sleep and the sounds of the forest quieten, the views are exquisite. Fall photography is filled with endings but rather than depressing, I’m inspired to know that the trees and the plants will endure and then in the spring they will burst forth again. The cycles of nature are filled with the spectacular. 

I’ve been a Canon shooter since I went digital back in the day, but over the last few years, I’ve been dabbling in the mirrorless world. Recently, I entered the Fujifilm world with an XT-20 and several lenses including an 23 mm f2, one of Fujifilms Holy Trinity set. I love the image quality and the f2 gives a lovely bokeh as you can see in these two shots. Both were shot at f2. 

The Dream of Fall

Canon’s image and colour quality is superb as well but what I love about the Fuji’s XT-20 and this particular lens is its compactness and lightness. After shooting for decades, this system really put the love back into photography again. And for this I am so grateful. It’s just so easy to put this combo in a small shoulder-bag and go. I stopped doing this with my Canon gear due to its size and weight. 

There are some pretty cool things happening in the camera world these days and Fujifilm is one of the innovative camera companies that is leading the charge. 

Check out my Instagram account to see more shots taken with the Fujifilm system. 

Bye for now. 

Gordon Ross 

25 Oct 2018
Artwork Photography Workshop, Blue Parrot, Gillian Brooks

Photography Workshop for Artists

2 Photography Workshops For Artists.

For Print and Web.

I’m offering 2 art photography workshops on Nov 17 and Nov 24 for artists who need to take better images of their work for print and web publishing. The first workshop on Nov 17 is on photographing 2-D artwork for making prints for commercial sale. Topics covered: staging your artwork, lighting, image capture, intro to editing in Adobe Lightroom and print publishing of 2-D artwork.

The second photography workshop on Nov 24 This is on photographing 3-D objects for the web. Topics covered: staging your product, lighting, image capture, intro to editing in Adobe Lightroom and web publishing of 3-D objects.

This form of photography is an interesting blend of art and science. My aim is to develop your problem-solving abilities so that you can photograph your own art quickly and reliably. The morning of the workshops is more idea based; the afternoon, hands-on and about image post-processing.  

You can book online or call me to reserve a space. 

2 Photography Workshops or by contacting me here. 

Gordon Ross 

26 Dec 2013

Photojournalism — Amazing world images of 2013

Photojournalism at its best. Check out some of the incredible images captured around the world in 2013. 

Some of the shots from the sweatshop disaster in Bangladesh are particularly poignant. 

I have always considered photojournalism to be one of the highest forms of photography. To get these kind of images requires skill, timing, guts and luck. I raise a glass to all these amazing photographers who risk their lives to get these kinds of shots. 

I hope you all had a great Christmas. Now for the chill in-between days of the season. 

Bye for now and happy holidays. 


19 Nov 2013
Yoga on Villarica Volcanoe, Chile

New Lifestyle Photography Gallery

Lifestyle Photography is the latest gallery that we are launching to showcase my work in on the shiny new website. 

There are 3o plus images in this gallery, so take a few minutes to scroll through the images. You might even find yourself, or someone you know, in there. 

You’ll find yogis, skiers, snowboarders, runners, rafters, boxers etc.

Over the years I’ve shot many different subjects but when I look back on my work, I see a strong thread of lifestyle photography running through it. We have sifted through a mountain of images to come up with these. Let me know what you think. 

I shoot lifestyle images as part of my commercial photography business, but I also shoot personal portraits of people in the thick of their lives as a form of environmental / lifestyle photography as well. It’s fun because it gives people a chance to show themselves in their element doing what they like to do best. 

I’m just a call away. And I can travel just about anywhere to do it. 

I hope you like our selection. More galleries to come. And, fresh images are beginning to appear on the Facebook page as well. 

Bye for now. 

Gordon Ross 


19 Jun 2013
Photo and Video Workshops in Gordon Ross Photography Studio

Intro Video Workshop | Using iPhones, Android Devices, Point-&-Shoots & DSLRs to Record Video

An Intro Video Workshop

Have you ever wondered how to use the video button on your camera or cell phone? This intro video workshop is an amazing opportunity to find out just what you can do with that button.

On Tuesday, July 9, come join video pro Steve Ray for a beginners look at making videos using iPhones, Android devices, point-&-shoot cameras and digital cameras (DSLRs).

If you want to jump-start your video knowledge, this is the session for you. Regardless of the gear you use, your videos are about to take a quantum leap in quality.

Note: This workshop is NOT designed for those using traditional video recorders.


When: Tuesday, July 9 from 6:30pm – 9:30pm

Where: 2314 Rosewall Crescent, TinTown, Courtenay (Gordon Ross Photography Studio)

The workshop will be divided into two sections:

1.  A basic overview of video and how it is recorded on your device, regardless of the type of camera gear you own.

2.  After the break, we will move to hands-on. Bring your own camera, ask questions and experiment with a variety of gear.

LIGHT up the room with a variety of devices to see the difference they can make to your recordings.

HEAR the difference an off-camera microphone can make to your work whether it’s a shotgun, handheld, or wireless mic.

And SEE the difference camera movement can make in your shots by using a camera slider.


With over 37 years in professional video production and education, Steve has acquired a vast collection of media skills. From corporate video production to documentaries and multi-camera productions at the Olympics, he’s pretty much done it all.

Steve has worked with a variety of companies including SpeedVision, CTV, TSN, ONTV, and Cogeco and has worked in the Middle East, Europe, the Caribbean and the US. Whether you need an introduction to lighting, audio, composition or editing, he’ll give you some juicy ideas during this action-packed workshop.


Please call 250.338.8030 to book you spot. Space is limited.

Price: $40

You can also jump on over to the Facebook event to keep in touch.

Hope to see you at the workshop.

Gordon Ross

07 Jun 2013
Argentinian Tango Dancers

The KISS: A Collaborative Photography Project

The KISS: A Collective Photography Project at Elevate the Arts

Bounded only by your creativity and a few guidelines, come participate in a fun,loving and sexy photography project that explores the age-old act of the kiss.

As part of Elevate the Arts you’ll be able to find me in Simms Alley (behind Whale’s Tails Toys) tonight (Friday) at 5pm. I’ll be there to give a brief workshop about this very cool photo happening.

Bring your camera, your imagination and get ready to explore your idea of the kiss.

More information about the project can be found here, but here are the participation guidelines:

  1. The shot must be taken somewhere in the core area of the Elevate event.
  2. The shot must be taken between the Intro Workshop on Friday June 7th and midnight, June 8th.
  3. The kiss must be consensual.
  4. The shot should be cool for all audience ages. The shots will be published on the Elevate website + my blog.
  5. Only one photo per photographer—so make it a good on! Please send your submission to [email protected] with your full name and telephone number by midnight on Sunday June 9th.
  6. Photo should be supplied as a jpg. Please keep the file size under 5MB.
  7. If you have an identifiable person(s) in your shot, the subject must sign a release. Releases will be supplied at the workshop. The photo will be published online at http://www.elevatethearts.com/ and gordonross.ca and may be used in future marketing efforts.

That’s it! Be sure to check out the downtown art event that’s already underway. The full schedule can be found online here.

Bye for now.


06 Jun 2013
Professional Studio Portrait Photography

Studio Portrait Photography—Creative & Fun

Having Fun with Studio Portrait Photography

Studio portrait photography—it’s fun and creative for everyone involved.

Take Nick for example. He contacted us for some professional head-shots for use on his website. He also needed a different set of images for use on social media sites, but he didn’t want a standard look. Nick isn’t a mainstream-kind-of-guy so he came prepared to experiment with props and changes of clothes. Fun.

I love consulting with my clients before our session, but you really get to find out what makes them tick during the shoot. I learned that if you want to talk about sports, Nick is your guy. And he does this for a profession. How hip is that? He gets paid to tell you about sports. The internet has changed everything.

You can check out more of my portraits on the main site, as well as on Facebook.

In addition to my studio work, I love location shooting as well as the grittier genre of street shooting. It’s endless what you can do in the realm of Portrait Photography….

Bye for now.


20 May 2013
world portrait photography

Photography Workshop, Intro to the DSLR

Learn the basic functions of your digital camera (DSLR) in a 3-hour photography workshop with me on Wednesday, June 12!

After much interest and a lot of planning, we are happy to announce this photography workshop. It is the first in a series of photography workshops that we are developing for the general public and businesses in the Comox Valley.

This photography course is a great introduction for someone with little or no experience with their digital camera. It’s a great way to start learning how to get the most out of your camera and take great images.

Space is limited, so book your spot today!

Introduction to the Digital Camera

A 3-hour workshop designed to introduce you to your digital single lens reflex camera (DSLR).

A lecture-based workshop that will guide you through the basics of your camera’s functions and controls.

We will cover:

– Exposure, aperture & shutter speed.

– Basic controls such as histograms, white balance & ISO settings.

The workshop will be divided into two sections:

1. An overview of basic controls and how to select them.

2. How to use the controls to make better images.

Required material: Digital Camera (DSLR)


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Price: $40 + tax


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Wednesday, June 12

7pm – 10pm

Gordon’s Studio, Tin Town

2314 Rosewall Crescent


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Advance registration & payment required

Contact Gordon by phone or email:

250.338.8030 | [email protected]


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15 May 2013

Photography Slideshow, Travels in Sri Lanka

Photography Slideshow Highlighting Sri Lanka

There’s a photography slideshow happening in my studio tonight!

Since my return from Nootka Island, I’ve been meaning to post an image from that adventure and promise I will. But, I’ve been busy getting things ready for the photography slideshow that’s all about Sri Lanka. I can’t wait to share this incredible place through my lens.

Unfortunately, this event is sold out. But, this is the first of our new travel series. More details on this series are coming, and will be posted in advance here, and on our Facebook page.

Over the years, I’ve traveled to nearly 100 countries capturing the beauty of this planet and those who inhabit it. I look forward to sharing my images and stories with you.

Back to work!



07 May 2013
professional portrait photography

A Professional Portrait Can Make The Difference

Professional Portraits

In the fast-paced world of the web and business, you have exactly a millisecond to capture your online audience’s attention.

But as much as you have to grab it quickly, the visual nature of the the web delivers awesome possibilities to do it really well. Strong photography can be a big part of that wow factor that pulls the eyes in and gets people clicking.

If you’re selling a product or service that is an extension of your own personal brand, then a compelling professional portrait can act to motivate people to consider you over others. You need to catch their attention so they can find out who you are and what you’re offering.

Most of us are influenced by the packaging of a product. It’s why a well-designed, engaging package sells more than a poorly designed one despite the fact that they might be selling the same thing.  Most of us will gravitate to elements that please our eyes; it’s the human way.

I find the featured image alluring because the lighting and slight angle of her head act to define her face.  But mostly, it’s the look in her eye that works for me. It brings me right in.

Or check out the following photo:

Professional portraits can enhance your online presence

































It’s fun. It’s dynamic. And it catches your eye. The sky is the limit. Whatever your story, or brand, photography is an amazing way to express it.

And we humans like to look at other humans. It’s the human way.

You can check out more of my portrait photography here.

Bye for now.