Yoga with Crampons on Villarica Volcano, Andes, Chile

Yes, you can do yoga anywhere, even on an active volcano. And with crampons, too.

After a 4-hour climb to the top of Villarica Volcano in the Lake District of Chile, a little stretch is exactly what we needed.

In the photo, you can see another stratovolcano off in the distance which is similar in shape to Villarica, the one we’re standing on.

You can also see smoke (which is mostly water vapour and leached minerals) coming up from the volcano in the left of the image. It’s all fine until the acidic, sulphuric cloud wafts in your direction and then it’s a scurry to get upwind or below it. The changing wind direction keeps you on your toes; sulphuric acid is wretched in your eyes and lungs.

We circumnavigated the entire rim and then made our way down. It’s a perfect day-trip if the weather is good; up and down in 8 hours.

Bye for now.





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