World Portrait Feature Gallery – Comox Valley Photographer

Check out a new collection of world portraits in the feature gallery.

I took this photo in Ushuaia, Argentina's southernmost town. I had been walking through the town when I came about their parade of sorts. But it was a strange parade -- no one really looked like they wanted to be there and no one was smiling. It felt like they were grudgingly on display. (Gordon Ross)

If I had to choose one subject matter to shoot, it would be people. And portraits — whether candid or formal — can be light and fun, or intense and revealing.

I chose a random collection of images for the slideshow. The portraits are from all over the world — Argentina, Bali, Burkina Faso, Burma, Mexico and Mongolia.

To view the images in slideshow format, click here.

I hope you like them.

Gordon Ross

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