Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

Laura and Wendell’s Engagement Photographs

Congratulations to the beautiful couple of Wendell Hoyseth and Laura Murray. Tonight’s their night. They’ll be exchanging their wedding vows tonight in Comox. Now that’s a way to bring in the new year. 

We got together last week and took this lovely shot of them down at the Comox Marina on a crazy stormy day. So much fun. And so fun to have a couple who were willing to face the elements … it was actually Laura’s hair that proved the hardest to tame in that wind. But we did it. 

Fun wedding photography. I guess that’s why I like being a wedding photographer. I get to know the couple, everyone is happy, and the locations are often beautiful and romantic. I love the raw feeling that this photo projects. And I love the “love” amidst those wild elements. Wow, there’s a lot of love in those last two sentences. Must be a wedding. 

So Happy New Year to all of you beautiful people out there. Let’s fill the next year with even more love. 

Here’s to the lucky couple. 

Bye for now. 



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