Vancouver Island Music Fest 2017

Vancouver Island Music Fest 2017

Another successful Vancouver Island Music Fest (VIMF) has come and gone. With its quick passing it seems almost dream-like as in “Did that really happen and it’s over already…again?” Well, it is only a weekend but it did seem to move faster than normal to me.

There are a lot of music festivals out there so it’s no small feat for a festival to survive let alone thrive. People only have so much money and time but the Vancouver Island Music Fest sold out again this year, proving that it’s found an enduring recipe of music and fun for all ages. The Vancouver Island Music Fest  is a family-oriented festival of music and fun events surrounded by a forest and a lazy river where you can cool off during the heat of the day. After a refreshing dip in nature’s pool, you can head back to one of 6 stages: some are full-sun, others are shaded and one is in a huge horse barn. It’s really a perfect mix of stages. And then there’s the food. There’s pretty much everything from those lovely little sugary omg donuts to super healthy and delicious Buddha Bowls. There’s a snack or a meal for everyone.

The Artistic Director/Executive Producer of the festival, Doug Cox, continues to deliver an eclectic mix of music year after year. The headliners this year were Emmylou Harris , Rita Coolidge, Bruce Cockburn, Barenaked Ladies and Enter the Haggis. And if they’re not your cup of musical tea, there was still plenty to choose from. Truthfully, from my not-so-tender-years perspective, I had actually seen all the headliners before. And, yes, it’s good to catch em again but it’s the bands that I haven’t seen, or haven’t heard of that usually blow the dust out of my ears. It’s also the mash-up workshops where you might have in excess of 20 performers all on the same stage. For me, those are oftentimes the most memorable times at Vancouver Island Music Fest.

So, it’s come and gone but the memories and a few photos remain.

Enjoy the gallery!

Gordon Ross

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