Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

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Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

I went to the Vancouver Winter Olympics as the official photographer of the Ghana Ski Team and documented the Snow Leopard’s 2010 Winter Olympic journey in Vancouver, BC, as well as his pre-Olympic training days on Vancouver Island.

The Snow Leopard’s story is like a fairy tale: he’s from a country without snow, had started skiing only six years before the Olympics and he competed against better, country funded skiers that actually have ski teams and facilities for training. Equally impressive is that his first two years of skiing took place indoors at the Milton-Keynes Snow Dome on a hill that took him a mere 20 seconds to get from the top to the bottom.

Truly an amazing and modest man, Kwame embodied the Olympic Spirit for me. His quest was a true grass-roots campaign that captured the hearts of many. He competed without any official funding or support from his home country of Ghana. In the age of big-money Olympics, well-paid professional athletes and multinational sponsors, Kwame’s story is a modern-day wonder.

Many would compare Kwame to past Olympian, Eddie the Eagle. But, although he was flattered with the attention and the comparison, he stressed that his pursuit was not to be a one-time Olympic spectacle. His goal is to create a permanent Ghana Ski Team with future Ghanaian athletes following in his footsteps. Best wishes to Kwame and his shining spirit.

I hope you enjoy this series of images.

Gordon Ross