Travel Photography

Yoga on Villarica Volcanoe, Chile

World Travel Photography 

Travel photography is one of my oldest photographic favourites that started with a month-long trip onto the frozen Beaufort Sea in northern Canada back in 1984. It was there that I discovered the magic and power of the SLR camera and learned why quality equipment makes a difference in extreme environments. So that was the beginning and from there, my international trips began as a backpacker, then guide culminating in me owning and operating two international adventure travel companies (Passages Exotic Expeditions and ElderTreks) and managing Papageno Resort on a remote island in Fiji. I’ve been fortunate to travel and guide in over 75 countries with my camera in hand.

From street photography and world portraiture to wildlife and photojournalism, international travel is a huge buffet for a photographer. The world is so diverse that you barely need to search for subject matter—it often walks right past you. Fortunately, I still get the opportunity to shoot travel photography on a regular basis so the library of images continues to grow and grow.

The Travel Photography gallery has been a long time coming, but finally, the gallery is up and I will be adding more images to it over time and creating sub-galleries as well so that I can highlight specific projects like ceremonies, rituals and world-events that I’ve had the good fortune to witness with camera-in-hand.

All images in the Travel Photography Galleries can be purchased as prints.  All images are printed using the highest quality archival papers and inks. If matted properly and framed behind glass, they have a lifespan of over 200 years. That should do for most of us. Please send me an email if you are interested in purchasing prints. I keep them affordable so as not to blow your budget. I sign every print and provide a story for each image.

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I hope you enjoy the images.

Gordon Ross