Travel Photography, Serengeti, Tanzania

Masai walking on the Masai Mara

Travel Photography in the Masai Mara

As I go through my photo archives to search for images for my soon-to-be-released Travel Photography Gallery, I came across this atmospheric image that I just had to share. Click on the image to get the big picture. 

I took this photo in the early morning of a lone figure (a Masai tribesman) walking on the expansive savannah of the Serengeti in Tanzania. There’s something about black and white photography that can distill the emotion of a scene so effectively. I was struck by the seeming isolation of this individual walking in an area where wild predators roam freely. Yet, armed with a stick, his movement seemed so graceful in this wild, unpredictable environment.  For me, this black and white image highlights the isolation of the individual which is exactly how I felt when I viewed the scene. Ah, the magic of the camera to convey the feelings of the viewer. If you can figure out the tech side of photography, the rest is pure fun and exploration. 

We’ll be launching a number of galleries such as Travel Photography in the coming month. And in the latter part of this year, I’ll be working with Worldwild Adventures teaching travel photography on international programs in Namibia and Borneo. I’ll post more about this topic as we develop the programs. And you’re invited to join us if you’re keen to learn photography in exotic locations.

Bye for now. 

Gordon Ross 


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