Travel Photography, Leopard in the Serengeti

Travel Photography in the Masai Mara, Tanzania

Leopard in the Masai Mara, Travel Photography

Here’s a shot of a leopard from a trip to the Masai Mara of Tanzania. I love those yellow-green eyes. Nothing quite like a cat’s eye is there?

During the day, like most cats we know, these felines like to sleep a lot. The heat in the Serengeti is excessive and so a tree-bed makes the perfect perch during the languid hours. At night, this guy will get a lot more active when the hunting begins. 

Sadly, like most species, all the big cats are in trouble these days due to habitat loss, poaching, etc. … the usual malaise that afflicts our fellow species and their sensitive habitats.  

As I gather images for the upcoming Travel Photography and Wildlife Photography galleries, I’ll post some images so you can see some of the upcoming content. 

To learn more about leopards, click here

If you’re interested to travel and learn how to shoot in exotic environments, I’ll be leading some photographic trips with Worldwild Adventures later in the year. Details to follow soon. 

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