To The Arctic Circle … A Yukon River Chronicle

The Klondike Gold Rush, Diamond Tooth Gerty, The Chilkoot Trail, Dawson City, Sourdoughs — if these names are familiar to you, it’s probably because of the amazing events that happened on the Yukon River in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

The river itself is the fourth largest by volume in North America and has one of the largest drainage areas of any river on the continent. It’s a smooth, fast flowing, high volume river that meanders through some of the earth’s most spectacular country.

Recently I was asked by Richard Harpham, the expedition leader, to join him as the photog on his journey from Whitehorse to the Arctic Circle. Eagerly, I said yes and was not disappointed. What a river. What history. What wildlife.

In Whitehorse, CBC Radio interviewed Richard Harpham and I just before we set out on our adventure.  You can check out some of the images of our journey in my photo gallery here.  You can read a story about our travels in the Whitehorse Star here.

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