That Sure is One Big Buddha

This Buddha is located just around the corner from where I am staying. Unless you poke your head into places, you would never notice things, even ones this large. Oftentimes, the entrances are quite unremarkable but when you go in there is something spectacular such as this large Buddha. And there is the value of using local knowledge to find out where to go. Guide books are only so good, and really, all of them are quite limited in revealing a large city with this kind of history. It’s much better to have a local guide to help you get oriented.

One pointer that jumps to mind on exploring Singapore … when you go into a building, such as a temple, make sure you go as far back or as far up as possible. Oftentimes, the jewel of the place is located at the very back or at the very top as was the case of the Sacred Relic Buddha Tooth Temple. The room that houses the Buddha’s tooth, which is at the top of the building, is probably the most beautiful room I have ever seen.  And most people miss it because the door to it is relatively obscure. Sorry, though, no one is allowed to take photos in there; it’s a place for meditation.

But back to the large Buddha pictured in this post. Check out the fingers. You might be able to see that all of the digits are the same length – why?

Bye for now.


(taken with an iPhone)

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