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The three-day photo exhibit and book launch was a huge success. Thank you to the hundreds of people who checked out the exhibit last month. We were blown away by the community support, and thrilled to see so many of the amazing participants in attendance.

Dana + Jeremy Dana and Jeremy's tattoos are a physical representation of the healing and the triumph that they have experienced in this life. The tattoos that Jeremy has on his forearms are Kanji, and translated slightly differently in Mandarin or Japanese. The right side says, "Fire, Water, Earth, Heaven & Sky." The left side says, "Soul Power" or "Spirit Bridge," depending on the translation. He prefers "Soul Power" as a tribute to James Brown. "Warrior of Light" represents his highest vision for himself. He got these shortly after his daughter was born. Dana's tattoo on her shoulder is a Celtic symbol representing the goddess of fertility inside the sun. This represents her empowerment with the force of life and healing, which she now shares with the world. Jeremy and Dana each carry a lotus tattoo above opposite elbows that represent the love they share and that they both carry each of their children on their arms. They got these tattoos together on their sixth wedding anniversary at Black Rose Tattoo in Courtenay, BC. For Dana, the lotus tattoo also marks her success as an entrepreneur and a small business owner.  Jeremy's wave and Dana's Koi fish were presents to each other for their seventh wedding anniversary. They were tattooed together by separate artists at Black Rose Tattoo.  Each wave represents the love that flows through Jeremy's family onto him, and his deep connection to the ocean, the river and the source of life. His artist used a number of Jeremy's drawings to create a truly unique piece that any pirate would be proud of. Dana's Koi represents empowerment and transformation.  Dana's tattoos symbolize becoming exactly what she always believed she was capable of being. The change and transformation led her to where she needed to be--blessed. (Gordon Ross)

The full set of images from the project can be found here. A smaller selection of images on our Facebook page here.

You can find copies of the book for sale here.

Bye for now.

Gordon Ross


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