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17 Jan 2012

Image Used In TransWorld Snowboarding – Comox Valley Photographer

Vancouver Island based snowboard company, Forbidden Snowboards, was launched last year. TransWorld Snowboarding covered the launch and included one of my photographs in the story. Sweet. You can check out the story and my image here.  

15 Mar 2011

Snow Show

It just keeps falling … Record amounts of snow are accumulating up on Mount Washington this year.  La Niña may be the cause, but whatever it is the mid-mountain snow base at time of writing is 699cm. Whoa. You can view my gallery of images here. If you look carefully at some of the photos, you will see that there are actually cars and houses under all that white stuff. Hope you like the show.

10 Mar 2011

After Dark Invitational

The event went off last Saturday night under snowy conditions. But then again, that has been the big story of Mount Washington this year — snow, snow and still more snow. The mid-mountain snow base at time of writing is 595 cm. Wow. Click here for gallery images. Falling snow can make flash photography tricky, but overall the camera captured some sweet acrobatics in the air. Dramatic would best describe this event, as these guys (and one woman competitor) book […]

05 Mar 2011

After Dark Invitational, Mount Washington, Tonight, 7:30

One of the Mount Washington’s biggest winter events happens tonight. Check out aerials and big air jumps as these sponsored athletes perform under the lights tonight. DJs and fun slope-side. I’ll be there shooting. Come on up for some fun. And it’s free … so why not? Dress warm and come for the rockin’ party. More details here. Gordon

02 Mar 2011

After Dark Invitational, Mount Washington

Big Air, Freestyle, Kickers, DJS and more this Saturday night at Mount Washington. I’ll be there shooting it. Hope you can come along and enjoy this North Face sponsored event. Click here for more information. It’s gonna be fun. Gordon

23 Feb 2011

The Snow is Falling…

And that means lots of powder is accumulating up top. Time for some more powder photography tomorrow. Check out some of the fun in the latest Feature Gallery

16 Feb 2011

Snow in the Beaufort Range, Vancouver Island

I took this shot the morning of January 22, 2011 just as the weather over the range was starting to change. For me, this photo is all about shapes and tones. The graphic banding in the clouds, the profile of the mountains and the pillows of snow are sublimely highlighted in black and white. If you are keen to purchase this image, I recommend ordering a larger format print (16×20 or larger) so that you can see the details of the […]

20 Jan 2011

Big Snow

With an awesome powder dump on Mount Washington, a group of talented riders and yours truly hit the steep slopes under cobalt blue skies. We did some dreamy glade runs, some kickers and dropped some mid-size cliffs. The series of images ends with Olaf Larsen throwing down some big air over the old copper mine on the backside of Mount Washington. There were some stellar moments. I hope you agree. You can connect to the gallery here. Bye for now. […]