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24 Jul 2017

Vancouver Island Music Fest 2017

Vancouver Island Music Fest 2017 Another successful Vancouver Island Music Fest (VIMF) has come and gone. With its quick passing it seems almost dream-like as in “Did that really happen and it’s over already…again?” Well, it is only a weekend but it did seem to move faster than normal to me. There are a lot of music festivals out there so it’s no small feat for a festival to survive let alone thrive. People only have so much money and […]

01 Jun 2011

Puntledge River Paddlefest 2011 – Comox Valley Photographer

Once per year, BC Hydro increases river flows to the Puntledge River for recreational use. On May 28 & 29, it was a whitewater haven for paddlers attending the Puntledge River Paddlefest. You can find the online gallery for the event here. The water conditions were definitely not for the faint of heart. Enjoy. Gordon Ross

25 May 2011

Backlighting Photo Tip – Comox Valley Photographer

There are a lot of things to think about in photography, but one of the big ones is lighting. And to narrow it down a little for today’s post, I want to talk about the technique of backlighting. By putting the subject between your camera and the light, a range of possibilities emerge. The technique of backlighting can be used in the field or studio to great effect. In this photo, using the sunlight as the source, the canoe and […]

15 Apr 2011

Photo Tip — Working with Depth of Field

Depth of field is a very important concept in photography. Depth of field is the region in front of the camera that is sharp or in focus. The size of the aperture (the hole through which the light passes) determines the depth in front of the camera that is in focus (sharp). A large aperture (large opening) has a shallow depth of focus, while a smaller aperture (small opening) has a greater depth of focus. So why does this matter? […]

12 Apr 2011

Got A Tattoo? Gordon Ross Photography Is Looking For You

I have an exhibit and a book in the works and want to include you. For the next three months, I’m calling on anyone who has a tattoo to take part in Tattoo + You: A Photo Story of Body Ink. The exhibit opening and book launch will take place this coming fall. The event is about telling peoples’ stories through a series of tattoo portraits and words. More details about the event will be announced over the next few months. […]

04 Apr 2011

Mayworks 2011 — Upcoming Event In The Studio

Mayworks Festival of Working People and the Arts is a multi-disciplinary arts festival that celebrates working class culture. This year, there are two painters, Martha Jablonski-Jones and Bonnie Laird, and myself exhibiting work at my Tin Town studio. The exhibit runs weekends throughout the month of May. Friday, May 6 is opening night and it should be fun. Details can be found here and here. Hope to see you there. Gordon Ross  

25 Mar 2011

2010 Olympics Revisited — Infinite Access

It’s been just over one year since the big party came and went. Here is a show of images from the 2010 Winter Olympics that were held in Vancouver and Whistler, BC. Many of these images have never been seen before. As the official photographer for the Ghana Ski Team, I had Infinite Access Accreditation (yes, my pass actually had a little infinity sign on it). It was a fortunate pass to hold because it allowed access to some pretty […]

23 Mar 2011

Online Now — K1 Racers Photo Gallery, Mount Washington

The image gallery is up and running. Have a look to see if you can find yourself  in the 1400 plus images. Here is a tip for navigating through all of the images efficiently: – Click on the blue “Display Options” link (top right), where you have the option to view up to 100 thumbnails per page. I captured most racers during my two days of shooting on Friday and Sunday. My apologies if I missed anyone. Once you find […]

10 Mar 2011

After Dark Invitational

The event went off last Saturday night under snowy conditions. But then again, that has been the big story of Mount Washington this year — snow, snow and still more snow. The mid-mountain snow base at time of writing is 595 cm. Wow. Click here for gallery images. Falling snow can make flash photography tricky, but overall the camera captured some sweet acrobatics in the air. Dramatic would best describe this event, as these guys (and one woman competitor) book […]

05 Mar 2011

After Dark Invitational, Mount Washington, Tonight, 7:30

One of the Mount Washington’s biggest winter events happens tonight. Check out aerials and big air jumps as these sponsored athletes perform under the lights tonight. DJs and fun slope-side. I’ll be there shooting. Come on up for some fun. And it’s free … so why not? Dress warm and come for the rockin’ party. More details here. Gordon