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19 Apr 2011

A Portrait Of Oscar, The Magnificent Wiener Dog

It was supposed to be a family portrait … But then Oscar, the Magnificent Wiener Dog, stuck his nose in and now it’s all about him. Spontaneity always finds its way into the studio — that’s why I love shooting there so much. It’s creative and playful. I’m spending a lot of time in the studio these days. So if you’ve ever thought about getting a portrait of your family or yourself, now might be the time to do it. […]

28 Mar 2011

New Feature Gallery — Balinese Dance Troupe

In November 2010, I photographed a series of Barong dancers and musicians in Bali. You can find a collection of these images in the feature gallery, located on my homepage. Like many traditional dances, this one tells a story of good and evil. Good prevails. Like their wardrobe and makeup, the dance is a sublime display of intricate elements. From their feet and hands to their head positions and eye movements, Balinese dances are captivating. A Balinese orchestra, with Gamelans […]

23 Mar 2011

Online Now — K1 Racers Photo Gallery, Mount Washington

The image gallery is up and running. Have a look to see if you can find yourself  in the 1400 plus images. Here is a tip for navigating through all of the images efficiently: – Click on the blue “Display Options” link (top right), where you have the option to view up to 100 thumbnails per page. I captured most racers during my two days of shooting on Friday and Sunday. My apologies if I missed anyone. Once you find […]

17 Mar 2011

Balinese Fisherman

In the pitch black of 3 am, I headed offshore with a fisherman named Anom. We went straight out into the Pacific for two hours to put his nets down in the dark. It’s important that this is done before daylight so that the fish don’t see the nets. Just after sunrise, he hauled up his nets to bring in the day’s catch. He caught a few things that day, mostly mackerel, but barely enough to pay for his fuel. […]

16 Mar 2011

Buy Japanese Prints, Profits To The Red Cross

Earthquakes, tsunamis and nuclear disaster are the news out of Japan these days. As we watch the plight of the Japanese people in quiet desperation, I wanted to highlight the beauty of this inscrutable country by displaying some new images that I took years ago. I will be making a donation to the Japanese Red Cross and if you can help, I will donate all profits from the sale of Japanese prints to the Japanese Red Cross for the next […]

15 Mar 2011

Snow Show

It just keeps falling … Record amounts of snow are accumulating up on Mount Washington this year.  La Niña may be the cause, but whatever it is the mid-mountain snow base at time of writing is 699cm. Whoa. You can view my gallery of images here. If you look carefully at some of the photos, you will see that there are actually cars and houses under all that white stuff. Hope you like the show.

14 Mar 2011

Japan's Tragedy

It is sad to witness, albeit remotely, the pain and loss due to the tragic events in Japan. My heart goes out to the survivors who have to grapple with shattered lives and total uncertainty. I have actually held off blogging for several days because it seemed odd to be talking about relatively trivial matters when such a horrible event was unfolding. As a personal note, a friend of mine, Kai, who lives in Canada, told me that his entire […]

10 Mar 2011

After Dark Invitational

The event went off last Saturday night under snowy conditions. But then again, that has been the big story of Mount Washington this year — snow, snow and still more snow. The mid-mountain snow base at time of writing is 595 cm. Wow. Click here for gallery images. Falling snow can make flash photography tricky, but overall the camera captured some sweet acrobatics in the air. Dramatic would best describe this event, as these guys (and one woman competitor) book […]

09 Mar 2011

Balinese Motorcycles

In Bali, the motorcycle is the preferred mode of transport. Unlike in the West, where motorcycles are in the minority compared to cars, it is the exact inverse in Bali. City motorcycle traffic verges somewhere between 80 and 90 percent of the traffic volume. Watching them go by is like watching some crazy dance of machines as they weave to and fro. Many riders do not wear helmets and even if they do, oftentimes they aren’t done up. You will also […]

07 Mar 2011

Bali By Night

On a recent trip to Bali, I took this shot at night. I love the colors against the black night. And it will look good on just about any wall. The first person who comes close to guessing the scene and how this shot was taken will win an 8 x 10 print of this image. Let your imagination run wild. I’ll let you know who the winner is in one week. You can either email me via the website, […]