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20 Jan 2011

Big Snow

With an awesome powder dump on Mount Washington, a group of talented riders and yours truly hit the steep slopes under cobalt blue skies. We did some dreamy glade runs, some kickers and dropped some mid-size cliffs. The series of images ends with Olaf Larsen throwing down some big air over the old copper mine on the backside of Mount Washington. There were some stellar moments. I hope you agree. You can connect to the gallery here. Bye for now. […]

12 Jan 2011

Ethiopian Bull Jumping Ceremony

In 2006, I traveled to the Omo River Valley in southwestern Ethiopia to witness the Bull Jumping Ceremony of the Hamer tribe. The ceremony is a coming-of-age ritual for young men that involves the initiate running across the backs of bulls that are held loosely in place by supporting tribesmen. The task is a difficult one with high stakes — success brings adulthood with all of its privileges and responsibilities, while failure could mean a life of poverty with a lesser chance of marriage. […]

10 Jan 2011

Fine Art Collection Of Images

I recently added a Fine Art collection to the site that includes both color and black and white images. The galleries include a variety of images that make excellent large scale prints. If you like what you see, all images are available in a number of sizes, including canvas. You can also share your favorites via Facebook or Twitter with the social media function found at the top of each image. Enjoy. Gordon Ross

07 Jan 2011

Wildlife Prints For Sale

During my travels I have encountered some fascinating creatures and been lucky enough to capture them through my lens. You can check out some of my favorite wildlife images in the Wildlife Collection that includes penguins, elephants, Gelada baboons and giraffes. All images in this collection can be purchased as prints, in a variety of sizes, for download and for editorial purposes. Feel free to contact me with any queries or comments. Cheers, Gordon Ross

06 Jan 2011

Music Event Galleries On Site

This past summer I photographed all three fantastic music events in the valley – Big Day Up, Big Time Out and Vancouver Island MusicFest. They were filled with awesome music and fabulous people. Each music event has its own photo gallery that can be accessed here. Go on and check them out – you may spy an image of yourself or someone you know. Feel free to leave a reply, share images and let me know what you think. Cheers, Gordon Ross

05 Jan 2011

Shiny New Website Open For Business

The website is now open for business! There is so much to share, that I’m not sure where to begin. There are 49 photo galleries that can be accessed here. You can buy prints and download files. You can bookmark and share your favorite images. You can search for photos, check out my services and keep up with what’s going on in the studio. It’s definitely worth the time to poke around the galleries and check back regularly – because new images are frequently being […]

04 Oct 2010

Penguins In The Feature Gallery

Everybody loves penguins, right? [photoshelter-img width=’600′ height=’420′ i_id=’I0000RI5YDDSvBtI’ buy=’1′] I do, too. So much so that I thought it would be fun to celebrate our southern feathered friends with a feature gallery of their own. Hope you like the collection. These guys live in one extreme place. Hats off to the mighty penguin. Click here to see the gallery. Gordon Ross

08 Sep 2010

Rainbow Over TinTown

Rainbows, like sunsets, can be cliche for a photographer, but when they happen right over your house, they still make me stand back in awe.