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10 Feb 2012

Ria Ambrose – Comox Valley Portrait Photographer

The eyes of Ria. Ria’s eyes are compelling. I love the power of her stare and the frame of colour that envelopes her face. I love the way her hair curls to meet her lips. Beautiful. Bye for now. Gordon  

02 Feb 2012

Center Camp Playa Pants, Burning Man 2011 – Comox Valley Editorial Photographer

Dust. Playa dust. The best kind of dust. Another installment of Burning Man 2011 images coming soon. Bye for now. Gordon

01 Feb 2012

Talking To God, Burning Man 2011 – Vancouver Island Editorial Photographer

I am about to release another collection of Burning Man Images. Here is a sneak preview. Burning Man… what can one say? Best let the images speak for themselves.

28 Jan 2012

K1 Race, Mount Washington – Vancouver Island Sports Photographer

Speed and control as she rips down the mountain. I love high-speed photography. It’s fun to stop the world and study it. Shot at over 1/4000 th of a second, we step into the matrix. I love the skis and the snow, and then there are the reflections in her goggles… If you were connected with the race that took place January 15, you can find the gallery here. The gallery is password protected. You will be receiving the password […]

26 Jan 2012

Savannah Eanes – Comox Valley Portrait Photographer

Sweet Savannah. I love this shot. For me, it’s Savannah’s expression that nails it. Then there’s the sweet blend of earth-tones. But you keep coming back to those eyes… The tattoos… The head angle… The hair and the way she holds her arms… The geometry of the negative spaces her arms make… The nose-ring and the way the light hits her funky earring… The whole is greater than the sum of its parts — gestalt. Yes, that’s it. Kind of. […]

24 Jan 2012

Chanti – Comox Valley Portrait Photographer

The lovely Chanti. Portraiture. I love it in all its forms. From the head-shot to the candid art-shot, the human face is a miracle in diversity and beauty. I love working with people to find an image that represents them well. My hope is that when the people who know Chanti see this picture, they’ll say, “That’s the woman I know.” If I can accomplish that, then I feel I’ve done my job properly. If you’re keen to get your […]

19 Jan 2012

Ashlynn Somers – Comox Valley Portrait Photographer

Meet Ashlynn who participated in my Tattoo + You project. We had so much fun during her session. This is one of many powerful images from that portrait session. While the tattoos are an integral part of the project, each individual and their story is really what it’s all about. And that is definitely what this project has captured – humbly put, a moment of each person. I love photographing people. Each portrait session is unique and many leave me […]

17 Jan 2012

Hans Peter Meyer – Vancouver Island Portrait Photographer

Hans Peter Meyer is one of the many individuals who took part in my Tattoo + You photo project. This is an image from our session back in November. We are feverishly putting the exhibit and the book together. The date of the opening will be announced shortly – we have a few details to tweak before laying it all out. It’s been an awesome experience photographing such interesting people. Stay tuned. Gordon  

30 Dec 2011

The Floating World, Chantal Van Vugt – Comox Valley Photographer

Chantal and her magic show. Life is a like a dream. I think this shot confirms it. I hope you like it. Happy New Year Dreams. Gordon    

23 Nov 2011

Des Larson, Musician – Comox Valley Photographer

Des and I have been working in the studio and on the street shooting still and video. Here’s an image from one of our sessions. There are many more to come. The man exudes talent. I once heard him described as a young Dave Mathews. Yes, he’s that compelling. You can check out his music here and his Facebook page here. His album is for sale at Freakin Coffeeshop in Tin Town. Rumor has it that he’s working on a […]