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20 Feb 2013

Lost In Translation

It just didn’t get the digestive juices flowing. But really, Singapore is famous for its food. What a melange. Apparently, eating is a national pastime for Singaporeans. I just had the most amazing flat noodle dish with fresh greens and a mix of mushrooms. And spicy. Lovely. If you want to explore the cuisine in Singapore, you can head to a Hawker Centre which is essentially a large food court with a gazillion options, all with pictures. More later. (iPhone […]

16 Oct 2012

Secret Beauty — Vancouver Island Photographer Portrait

In the spirit of Halloween and disguise… Who could it be? Thinking of capturing special moments for the upcoming holiday season? Watch for our portrait special coming next week! Bye for now. Gordon Ross

11 Oct 2012

Portrait, Horn of Africa — Vancouver Island Photographer

Another portrait from the Omo Valley in Southern Ethiopia. The faces that one finds in the Horn of Africa are stunning. A portrait photographer could spend a lifetime there. Tomorrow, look for a portrait closer to home. Bye for now. Gordon

09 Oct 2012

Ethiopian Youth Portrait — Vancouver Island Photographer

I love portraiture in all its forms—candid, formal, studio, in the field… The human face is a wonder of diversity. The world’s population is closing in on 7 billion people and, so far, there don’t seem to be any duplicates. That’s awesome news for a portrait photographer. I took this image in the Omo Valley in Southern Ethiopia, one of the world’s great cultural storehouses. In the following days, I’ll share more images. Thanks for checking in. Bye for now. […]

02 Oct 2012

Hyena Cult, Ethiopia — Vancouver Island Photographer

I took this picture outside the Ethiopian city of Harar, near the Somalian border. The ceremony takes place every night just outside the walled city gates. Hyenas are nocturnal pack hunters that rip their prey apart. Not a pleasant end but, then again, most endings in the wild are not. The idea behind the Hyena Cult is this: if they feed them every night the Hyenas will spare their children. One family has been doing this for generations and it’s […]

19 Sep 2012

Geshe YongDong, Founder and Resident Lama, Sherab Chamma Ling — Vancouver Island Photographer

A portrait of a spiritual man. GesheLa is the Resident Lama of our local Tibetan Bön Buddhist Centre, Sherab Chamma Ling, located in downtown Courtenay. A very compassionate man, he has a profound knowledge of Buddhism. GesheLa has a great sense of humor. He also likes chocolate. You can learn more about his fascinating life, including his escape from Tibet, and about the workings of the center here. This photo captures him as I know him … his serious look […]

18 Sep 2012

Kytami, Rhythm on the Rock Music Festival — Vancouver Island Photographer

I photographed the amazing violinist, Kytami, at the 2nd Annual Rhythm on the Rock Music Festival in Courtenay, Vancouver Island. It was an amazing summer of festivals and music on the Island. If you haven’t seen Kytami play, it’s time. You can explore her sound here. Bye for now. Gordon Ross

14 Sep 2012

Kyuquot, Northwest Vancouver Island — Vancouver Island Photographer

Kyuquot, on the northwestern tip of Vancouver Island, is a wild, beautiful and moody region on the Pacific Ocean. It is a paddler’s paradise. I took this picture of our Blue Moon in late August. It’s been an amazing summer of people, events and places. Now that fall is upon us, you’ll be seeing a regular sampling of what I captured over the summer months. Bye for now. Gordon

25 May 2012

Tattoo + You Feature Gallery – Comox Valley Portrait Photographer

The three-day photo exhibit and book launch was a huge success. Thank you to the hundreds of people who checked out the exhibit last month. We were blown away by the community support, and thrilled to see so many of the amazing participants in attendance. The full set of images from the project can be found here. A smaller selection of images on our Facebook page here. You can find copies of the book for sale here. Bye for now. […]

17 Feb 2012

Zebras in the Serengeti, Tanzania – Vancouver Island Travel Photographer

Skittish zebras at a waterhole. Safety in numbers, zebras are pack animals. With predators lurking on land and in the water, the life of a zebra seems to be a nervous one. When one moves, they all move and keep running back and forth to the water. Perfect for a photographer – just sit with a long lens and shoot away. I love the dynamism and their synchronous movement. You can see more Serengeti images here. Bye for now. Gordon […]