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Sports Photography, Skiing

Winter Sports Photography

Just before winter melts into spring, I thought it was time to have one last winter blast by publishing some of my winter sports photography in a new gallery.

I love winter sports photography because it gets me outside, I get awesome exercise as I race around to get the shots and I get to spend time with people who are deeply passionate about their sport. There’s nothing like being around people who are at the height of their game. To me, it’s inspirational to be around passionate, healthy people and then there’s the satisfaction of being a conduit to show people images of themselves performing their sport.  And in winter sports due to the speeds and the heights involved, the performances are often spectacular. I get to witness high-speed action, acrobatics and people hurling themselves off super high cliffs, oftentimes in remote and sometimes precarious locations. Fun. And it can be the best therapy for people to see themselves in full expression. And that’s fun, too, because strong photography can capture just how amazing we really are.

Once you’ve had a chance to check out the Winter Sports Gallery, check out the Sports Photography page  for more info and links to another sports gallery.

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