Snow Tip – Overexposure

Strange but true… when you take a picture in a world of white, you need to overexpose the image. This image was overexposed by one stop to get a better white.

[photoshelter-img width=’600′ height=’420′ i_id=’I0000dcrf.uatks4′ buy=’1′]

If you don’t over expose, the snow will turn out grey. This is because the metering system of the camera interprets the all-white landscape as being too bright so it underexposes the scene. Thus, you need to compensate by overexposing. Just another reason to move away from the automatic and program settings on your camera.

We’ll be covering topics like these in our upcoming series of photo workshops at my studio in TinTown, Courtenay. The first workshop on March 19th is sold out but there are more to come. Details to come in the following weeks.

Bye for now.


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