2010 Olympics & The Snow Leopard

snow leopard 02-27-10-987.jpg

The media juggernaut surrounding Kwame continues to inflate and it has been a stiff race to keep up with it. Amazing yes, but a wee bit overwhelming at times. Today, we held a press conference in the Whistler Media Centre and at least 15 news media were present. I counted 22 television cameras alone. But we’re enjoying the ride and Kwame’s training is going well. Conditions have been perfect for the last two days — fast and icy. But without sharp edges, it’s a dangerous slope as this skier found out today – time to sharpen those edges or some very expensive camera equipment is going to be junk.

Yes, camera equipment. Canon International have lent me their latest gear (cameras and lenses) for the duration of the Olympics. Basically, as a pro Canon shooter (and Nikon offers a similar service as well), you can show up to the Olympics without any kit and shoot with the latest gear. Cool.

Music. Kwame was invited to play drums with Ashely Macisaac on a song he is recording in support of the Ghana Ski Team. Also present in the studio were some of the members of Spirit of the West who helped with the track. Vocals were done after we left the studio last night and the song should be ready today. One thing I have learned at the Olympics — events move very, very fast and the quality has to be high.

So, one post six days later … a symptom of full, fast-paced days, but hopefully this blurb will give you a taste of what’s been happening on the Ghana Ski Team. For the latest, check out ghanaskiteam.com

Night All.


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