A Professional Portrait Can Make The Difference

professional portrait photography

Professional Portraits

In the fast-paced world of the web and business, you have exactly a millisecond to capture your online audience’s attention.

But as much as you have to grab it quickly, the visual nature of the the web delivers awesome possibilities to do it really well. Strong photography can be a big part of that wow factor that pulls the eyes in and gets people clicking.

If you’re selling a product or service that is an extension of your own personal brand, then a compelling professional portrait can act to motivate people to consider you over others. You need to catch their attention so they can find out who you are and what you’re offering.

Most of us are influenced by the packaging of a product. It’s why a well-designed, engaging package sells more than a poorly designed one despite the fact that they might be selling the same thing.  Most of us will gravitate to elements that please our eyes; it’s the human way.

I find the featured image alluring because the lighting and slight angle of her head act to define her face.  But mostly, it’s the look in her eye that works for me. It brings me right in.

Or check out the following photo:

Professional portraits can enhance your online presence

































It’s fun. It’s dynamic. And it catches your eye. The sky is the limit. Whatever your story, or brand, photography is an amazing way to express it.

And we humans like to look at other humans. It’s the human way.

You can check out more of my portrait photography here.

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