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Hi Folks! 

It’s been a busy summer and fall of shooting and now that we’ve had a chance to breathe deeply and savour the fun we’ve had, we’re back to posting and sharing what we’ve been doing.

First off, we’ve been working on our new site and over the next weeks, you’ll be seeing more and more galleries coming online. 

To start the image-ball rolling, our first shiny new gallery that we’d like to highlight is our Portrait Photography Gallery. It was hard to narrow ’em down, but we did it. And a special shout-out to Bevin Clempson, my famously trusty and efficient assistant, who was pivotal in getting these galleries together and who keeps this whole image-machine rolling right along. Thank you Bevin. 

If I was forced to shoot just one genre, portrait photography would be my choice. The human face shifts endlessly and is capable of displaying expressions from the subtle to the outrageous. We never really tire of looking at human faces and hence the interest in portrait photography for so many. I’ve been fortunate to shoot thousands of faces and my passion only grows. How lucky am I? I just never get tired of it, largely because I also get to interact with all these amazing, beautiful people as we work to get killer images of them. Fascinating stuff, this portrait photography. 

Hold on to your seats as we roll out the new galleries. 

And a happy fall to you all. 

Bye for now. 


Portrait Photography Gallery




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