Photography Workshop for Artists

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2 Photography Workshops For Artists.

For Print and Web.

I’m offering 2 art photography workshops on Nov 17 and Nov 24 for artists who need to take better images of their work for print and web publishing. The first workshop on Nov 17 is on photographing 2-D artwork for making prints for commercial sale. Topics covered: staging your artwork, lighting, image capture, intro to editing in Adobe Lightroom and print publishing of 2-D artwork.

The second photography workshop on Nov 24 This is on photographing 3-D objects for the web. Topics covered: staging your product, lighting, image capture, intro to editing in Adobe Lightroom and web publishing of 3-D objects.

This form of photography is an interesting blend of art and science. My aim is to develop your problem-solving abilities so that you can photograph your own art quickly and reliably. The morning of the workshops is more idea based; the afternoon, hands-on and about image post-processing.  

You can book online or call me to reserve a space. 

2 Photography Workshops or by contacting me here. 

Gordon Ross 

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