Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

As an experienced photographer with 30 years of shooting,  I creatively and professionally capture the beautiful story of your wedding. My approach is to get a mix of the must-have images, spontaneous shots and many candid ones as well. As a wedding photographer, I am a visual story-teller and work to build an engaging narrative that is fun, fresh and heartfelt. We all like a good story; I believe that’s the essence of great wedding photography.

I create images that will resonate with you for years to come. Each moment is unique. With so many precious moments happening simultaneously at a wedding, hiring a professional photographer is paramount. You only get one shot at it, so you want to make sure that your photographer is competent and can handle the diverse situations that often arise at a fast-paced event like a wedding. The photographer simply has to get the shot, and they need to do that without becoming a part of the wedding itself. We’ve all been at weddings where you struggle to see the couple through the photographer or the videographer. I cringe when that happens.

That’s where professionalism comes in. The photographer has to get the shot, use his equipment to its fullest, have backups of every piece of gear and know how to work sensitively with the couple and the wedding guests. There’s a lot to getting those special shots at a wedding.

My background in shooting makes me especially prepared for the unique demands of wedding photography. To me, wedding photography is a fast-paced blend of portrait photography, photojournalism, event photography and elements of commercial photography. But in the end, despite the equipment and training that goes into becoming a professional photographer, I still rely on my intuition to get those magical one-of-a-kind shots. I love the charge and excitement of a wedding day. It’s a photographic form that I’m very passionate about.

If you’re looking to hire a skilled wedding photographer, I’d love to discuss your upcoming nuptial celebration. In addition to the many weddings I’ve shot, I’ve shot for Sports Illustrated, the Globe and Mail, the London Financial Times and Audubon Magazine. I’ve captured dynamic portraits at home and abroad in over 75 countries, and I’ve shot lifestyle photography for resorts, tour companies, and clothing companies such as Arctery’x. I have also shot products from fine-art and jewellery to aircraft.

Good business is about finding a good fit between the client and the photographer, so I like to meet you in person, find out who you are and visit the location(s) of your wedding day. It’s also nice to meet some of the important people in your life, as they will be featured in the photos as well. Getting to know these special people in your life makes the photography so much easier and natural. It allows everyone to lower their guard and have fun, knowing that the photographer has everyone’s best interest at heart.

You can call or email me for more information, or to receive a copy of my wedding package pricing and information. I offer a variety of packages and print packages that cater to most people’s needs.