Bali Motorcycles

Bali Motorcycles — Travel Photography 

As you will see, motorcycle traffic is very different than in the West—the Bali Motorcycle is the transport of choice in Bali. It’s pretty amazing to watch them weave in and out using a very different “rules of the road” than in the West. At first, I was amazed that I hadn’t seen an accident in Bali, but as I spent more time in Bali, a different picture began to emerge. First I saw near-misses, then I saw the accidents (you can get by with razor-thin margins for only so long …), then I witnessed a death and finally I toured a local hospital and saw an emergency ward full of motorcycle related injuries.

Many riders don’t wear helmets, they balance interesting loads and some even go barefoot. Yes, barefoot.

I love the guys carrying the step ladder. And they’ve even got their level strapped on, too.

I hope you enjoy the gallery of Bali Motorcycles.

Gordon Ross