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Argentina Travel

Argentina is the eighth-largest country on earth and one of the most diverse: it has arid hot deserts in the north, a hot subtropical region around Iguazu Falls, the rugged Andes Mountains in the West and an austere yet captivating southern area known as Patagonia. It is a travel gem. The people are friendly, the food and wine are great and it’s relatively easy to get around. They speak a slower Spanish here than many countries so if you want to learn Spanish, this could be your destination (watch out for their double “LL” though; it’s pronounced with a “shh” sound as opposed to a “ye” sound used in the rest of the Spanish-speaking world). As a guide, I’ve had the opportunity to explore the outer edges of the country as well as its cultural heart in Buenos Aires — there’s something for everyone’s tastes in Argentina.

Enjoy the images.

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Gordon Ross


Argentinian Tango Dancers