Sports Photography

Sports Photography

Sports photography is one of my favourite specialties to shoot. With some photographic genres such as studio work, there are oftentimes second chances but in the world of sports, and especially in extreme sports and competitions there are no second chances, so you just have to get the shot. So, being a bit of an adrenaline junkie myself, I’m pulled to the world of sports photography because it takes me to the top of my game.

Sports photography has taken me to major events like the winter Olympics, where I was the official photographer for the Ghana Ski Team and Kwame, a.k.a. The Snow Leopard. I was honoured to work with Kwame because he represented the Olympic ideal to me. In an era of high-paid athletes representing countries at the Olympics, Kwame was the underdog representing Ghana funded solely by a grass roots campaign without any official support (at least until he became a sensation) from the Ghanian government. It’s working with people like Kwame that has shown me the power of reaching for your personal heights and believing in yourself. 

I love sports photography because it’s often about recording peoples’ dreams, and it gets me outside, oftentimes in amazing natural locations.

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Click on the galleries above to see some of the sports photography I’ve shot over the last few years. And if you’re looking for a sports photographer, whether you’re a pro or an amateur athlete, I’d be honoured to record your story.

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