Event Photography

Event  Photography

Vancouver Island Music Fest 2014

Burning Man 2011


I do a lot of event photography from live rock photography to music and art festivals. I also shoot awards dinners such as the Chamber of Commerce Annual Awards.

I love the charge of shooting a big event. At a music festival, I love the first few songs of the headliner event … You can feel the energy of the crowd surge toward the stage amid the thunderous bass sounds of the speaker stacks. Mix in a warm night and some awesome stage lighting and you have magic. I love to capture scenes like this. Check out the event photography galleries below. I’ll add more over time.

Event photography, like wedding photography has elements of photo-journalism in that the event moves fast, moments are fleeing so many of the shots are unique and available on a one-time basis, and the photographer has limited control over the set and for most intents and purposes needs to be basically invisible. Every time I shoot I an event, I love it. It’s also really tiring — the key is to wear good shoes and stay in good shape.

I’m available for event photography worldwide.

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Gordon Ross