Photo Galleries

Welcome to my Photo Galleries

Here, you will find a selection of my work in the areas of lifestyle, travel, sports, wedding, wildlife and portrait photography. Photo galleries can be accessed from the navigation bar and from the links above. 

I’ve  amassed a digital mountain of images through my decades of shooting so if you will allow a reverse metaphor, the final selections were like making a mole-hill out of a mountain of images.

My photography ranges from the relatively controlled environment of my photography studio to the oftentimes woollier shooting conditions of remote, and sometimes unstable, regions of our earth with the whole gamut in between.

I have a passion for telling stories through my images and I love to connect with people, capturing the fleeting, poignant moments of our lives. My clients choose me for my creative, fun and relaxed style.

I believe my diverse shooting background is what makes my photography unique. Please check out my photo galleries and let me know if certain images speak to your heart. I would love to hear from you.

You can also keep up with my work on Facebook.

The beauty of photography, especially with today’s technologies, is that I can share my creations with so many, so quickly.

Thanks for taking the time to explore a bit of my world.  

Gordon Ross