Now That's an Infinity Pool

Fifty-seven stories is a long way down – or up. But that’s where the pool is atop the Marina Sands Hotel in Singapore.

So here’s a tip … if you want to go to the observation deck of this hotel, they’ll charge you 20 bucks for the privledge. However, if you say you want to go to the sky-bar called Ku-De-Ta (at the same level as the observation deck) and have a drink (beers start at $18 a pop … ahem), they’ll let you into the elevator for free. And really, you don’t have to buy a beer. But eventually, some tall blonde woman with a foreign accent (I’m guessing Russian) will come by and tell you that at a certain time a dress code comes into effect. And that’s how they get rid of guys like me.

But really what a trip … all the funky, beautiful people dressed in chic buying $18 beers. Ah yes, those people actually exist. Some people just have shit-loads of money and places like this are built for them.

And so down I went to get my over-sized Heineken and dinner in a local restaurant with all the other people. Fed and watered for $12. And the company was fascinating – working-class types with their families. Yup. That’s the place for me.

Bye for now.


ps: you can check out the exterior and interior of the hotel here.

(iPhone Photo)


One thought on “Now That's an Infinity Pool”

  1. Wow that is quite the pool, Gordon! Not for the faint of heart.
    Glad to hear you made it across the ‘big pond’ safe and sound and are schmoozing with the locals . I would’ve done the same thing 🙂

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