The North Coast Trail

A vantage point on the North Coast Trail

The North Coast Trail

The North Coast Trail is Vancouver Island’s latest trail. It runs across the northern top of Vancouver Island. Last year I did an amazing trip withmbguiding.ca (Mike Blake Guiding) and we had a blast. So much so, that we’re doing the trip again this year. You can check out the various North Coast Trail itineraries here. There’s also some good stuff here. And if you want a really cool virtual tour of the North Coast Trail and the Cape Scott Trail which connect to each other, click here. I love the audio on these virtual hikes; it’s about as real as you can get without actually stepping foot on the trail itself.

If you are keen to have a really wild and rugged wilderness experience on Vancouver Island, the North Coast Trail and to lesser extent The Cape Scott Trail are two absolute gems to explore. Seriously, for two nights in a row, we went to sleep to the sound of whales breathing just offshore. The place is that wild.

On our trip, we were co-sponsored by the clothing company, Arc’Teryx. Our goal was to test and photograph their gear in action on this trip. Their gear was hands-down awesome.

I’ve had the good fortune to hike a number of coastal trails on Vancouver Island but the North Coast Trail is my favourite, primarily because it is so wild and remote. But it’s worth the visit if you can take 5-7 days to explore a natural marvel.

Have an awesome summer outdoors.

Bye for now.

Gordon Ross

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