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Sports Photography Gallery 

One of my faves to shoot, sports photography is almost as exhilarating as the ‘game’ itself. As a sports photographer you get to go to the happening locations, oftentimes with special access to the sites or venues, and you often have to get very close, sometimes uncomfortably so, as a past concussion from a hit from a snowboarder amply demonstrated to me. There’s a fine line between close and too close. Three months is a long time to have a killer headache with ringing ears. 

It’s a fast-paced world when it comes to high-speed sports as it requires knowledge and experience, the right equipment set to the right settings, oh, and some luck, and voila, the magic can happen. There’s nothing more exciting than knowing that you got the shot. That moment is forever gone and it won’t be repeated…so you have to get it. As the Photo Editor of Sports Illustrated once told me at the Olympics, no one can call themselves a Master Photographer. In photography, and especially sports photography, every situation is different and just when you think you’ve learned it, you get your ass kicked. It’s very humbling when you don’t get the shot. Sports photography is an awesome pursuit f you’re working on taming your ego. 

This gallery is one of two sports photography galleries that I will publish this week. As I continue to dig through my files, I’ll add more to the galleries so check back often to see some of the new stuff. If something speaks to you, drop me a comment. I love comments. Or if you need a photographer to record your passion for your sport, I’d love to be your sports photographer. 

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