Natural and Artificial Light Photography in the Street

The fun that you can have with digital cameras.

This shot uses a mix of natural light as seen in the background sky, and artificial small-strobe light which is projected solely onto the subject.

The beauty of working with both light sources is that you can expose for each one. If I had relied on the Automatic or Program setting of my camera,  the result would have been the-deer-in-the-headlights-phenomena, which is, well, boring.

The added oomph in this photo comes from a perfectly lit model up against a slightly underexposed, colour-skewed sky. To my eyes, it gives a slightly 3-dimensional effect.

So, to get this shot, I exposed for both light sources, and I mucked around with the camera’s white balance. Cool effect and it’s not rocket science.

We’ll be touching on these kind of subjects in our upcoming Photo Workshop Series soon to be announced.

Bye for now.



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