Laundry Lives the High Life in Singapore

In Singapore, this is how you dry your laundry and apparently it rarely falls. It it does, maybe you just forget about it. Can you imagine finding it on a windy day?

But really this post is about how and where people live in Singapore. Pretty much everyone except a few very rich souls ( ~1%) live in units such as these. There are  just over 5 million people living in Singapore, and everyone owns their own residence; No one rents in Singapore.

The government has made home ownership a cornerstone of life in Singapore. Around 85% of the population lives in government built complexes such as these. Prices start in the 300 k range. The rest live in privately developed units that start somewhere around a million.

5 million people living up in 700 square kms. They’re comfortable inside but it’s a whole different way of living.

I bet you like where you live even more now.


(iPhone photo)


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